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    I am curious how my future recruitment to a police department would be considered, as judged by what I'm going to ask. I've had a total of 4 jobs, since the age of 16 (I'm currently 18). Two of those jobs I've held long-term. One of those two jobs was for 9 months, the other has been for 1 year. The other two jobs were short term (both less than a month). Because of financial reasons, I cannot afford to stay at my current job (not enough labor hours granted because of lack of sales).

    I'm considering going back to one of those past jobs (of the 4), and that job is one of the short term jobs that I only held for a month (left on good terms). Assuming this technically wont be my 5th, I'm going back to one of my other 3....etc etc etc, does this look bad in the long run? All of my jobs have been on good terms, two of the 4 have been held for 9 months and 1 year (as listed before). Would it look bad to go back to one of the other jobs?

    Let me put it this way, I'm a teenager, in high school, trying to make my way (with all the expenses, gas, car insurance, etc etc)...I'm doing what I need to do. I have already enlisted in the military, I leave next June for training. I have great references, etc. Essentially, by the time I actually get out of the military and apply for law enforcement, I will most likely be 23 (assuming everything goes as planned). By this time I will have built up 4 years (honorable) service, plus teenage jobs lasting 9 months, and 1 year. And going back to this old job, I will have been there for 10 months by the time I leave for the military. So, of the four teenage jobs, I will have had:

    Job One (9/06-07/2007): 9 months
    Job Two:: the one I'm going back to (02/07, and projected 08/08-06/2009): 10-11 months
    Job Three(08/07-08/08): 12 months
    Job Four(12/2007): 1 month

    Will any of this look bad for me 5 years down the road, and essentially hurt my chances of getting hired? I don't have commitment issues or anything, I don't have bad reputations at work (I get along well, and I go above and beyond). Also, I dont have any of those scrubby 3 month jobs with 4 months of unemployment between them, I've always been employed at some point during this time period.

    What do you think? Thanks....sorry if I was a pain and made you read a lot, I've been awake for way to long today. Again, thank you.
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    Most departments understand that teenagers jump jobs alot. Going into the military shows maturity and job stability. You shouldn't have a problem..


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      I think any "commitment issues" they might worry about will be pretty much negated by the multi-year commitment you're about to make.
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        Young people often don't have steady jobs. It's the nature of the jobs that young people have, and the schedules that they have as well.

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          You'll hear that LE agencies put a premium on "job stability". That's very true. It's equally true that most agencies are going to view a situation such as yours, as a typical teenage job situation. Your first priority as a teenager is to complete, as in graduate ,from High School. The fact that you're working, as well as going to school, speaks volumes for your character. As has been noted, your upcoming service in the Armed Forces will provide you with the needed "job stability" departments value so highly. Good luck in your upcoming service, and in your future plans.


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