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Am I stressing out for nothing?


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  • Am I stressing out for nothing?

    Here's my situation. Unfortunately I didn't realize it till just a few days ago. As I filled out my background information for the BI, I came across the question concerning my work history. Im sure everyone is familiar with it. The question asks if I have ever been reprimanded on the job. At the time I was filling it out, I apparently misunderstood the question and checked yes. In case you're wondering, ive already sent the info packet back in with the mistake. Of course I checked yes by complete accident. I have never been reprimanded on the job. I've been told how to do something the right way after I did it wrong(heck, who hasn't?) No legal action has ever been taken before. To summarize the whole thing, basically I misunderstood the definition of "reprimand". What should I do? I contacted my BI and she said that if I need to change something on the application I can do it when I go for my oral interview. If that is the case, I've got nothing to worry about. It was an honest mistake. Am i worrying for nothing? Any help?

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    Don't worry about it. I ran into the the same thing when I got my first job in law enforcement. The question in my background packet asked if I had ever reveived a written reprimand and I said yes. When my BI asked about it, I explained that I worked for an electronics firm and got written up for doing a sloppy soldering job on a device I was repairing. After laughing out loud for about five seconds, my BI moved on to more important things.

    The fact that you answered the way you did only reflects on the fact that you were trying to be as truthful as possible with them. This is to your benefit. Again, don't worry about it.
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      Yep, I agree with L-1. If anything, when asked about it during your interview, they will see that you were absolutely honest even if you misunderstood the question, which is a good thing. I had a BI a few years back where I had some similarly answered questions because I didn't want to be dishonest or seem like I was hiding anything. While I didn't get that job, I learned a few things about what they are looking for.

      Don't sweat it, just tell them about it when you get to that point in the process.
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