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A little unusual job release...


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  • A little unusual job release...


    When I was 14 (which is the minimum legal age to work in California), I was hired at a local shop. However, about three hours into my very first shift I was chit chatting with my shift supervisor. He asked me how old I was, I told him 14, and about 15 minutes later he comes back out and says I can't work there anymore. He told me it was a mistake I was hired because they don't hire under 16. They let me go on the spot because of that mistake. I only held that job for about 3 hours and 15 minutes. I did not get another job until 15 and a half. Now, a few years later, I still have the same job and am doing very well, promotions, raises, good reviews, the whole bit. Technically, I have had two jobs: the 3.5 hour one and this later one.

    My question is how the 3.5 hour job will affect me when I apply for a police officer position. It wasn't my fault; they made the mistake of hiring me at such a young age. But what do I put down? Was I terminated, or I "voluntarily quit" or what? Does it look bad? I also fear that because it is so unusual, a background investigator might not believe me, despite that being the 100% honest truth. Is it all that unusual? Overall, what are your thoughts on how this will affect me, if at all?


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    Wow!! A 3.5 hr job!! I'm not laughing at you,believe me. Stranger things have happened. Just to cover all the bases, list it,and the circumstances you mentioned here. It won't be a problem!!


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      It's no big deal. Just list it as a mutual separation as opposed to a termination and explain the circumstances. It won't affect your background.
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