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Help! Any insight is worth it! LAPD hiring


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  • Help! Any insight is worth it! LAPD hiring

    Well on February of 07 i started the hiring process for LAPD. I have been sucessful so far in all the processes and am currently awaiting the results of the dreaded polygraph test. I did get a mentor and was told that it could be anywhere from 45-60 days, my test date was 10/23/07. I have not heard anything from the department regarding my status as to whether i passed or failed. However during the exam i was taking the polygrapher had stated towards the end that the machine was telling him i was lying on the previous drug useage and that if i did not correct it it would mean a fail for my test. I had explicity explained all my useage to the gentleman before the exam and had even sent an update to correct my background packet pervious to the exam in order to be fully honest. I would love to tell the man that when i had experiemented with marijuana it caused some serious issues with my diabetes at that time and therefore don't want to fool around again with it, but that is something that is left for the med exam and i to discuss.

    So i know i was telling the truth but here is my question, i contacted my mentor and left a message on the voicemail. What else is there that i can do in order to check the status of my results?
    Being diabetic does that harm my test results seeming as how that is an endorchrine system issue?
    Thanks for the insight in anything i appreciate it very much.

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    oh polygraphs are so stupid, everytime i hear a cop tell a room full of candidates "we have the new computer lie detectors that can detect any lies and are 100% accurate" I want to puke.

    LAPD is one of the worst, tell the truth, flip a coin heads means you passed tails means you have been dqed


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      Bummer i suck at heads or tails! =(


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        Lapd Here

        Hey Buddy.... I'm currently an LAPD officer trying to find a LE job in Illinois oddly enough... Anyway, all Polygraphers bluff's a regular tactic. Don't sweat it.... Never never never change your answers or waiver on a previous response. It's the kiss of death... As far as your mentor is concerned, I would send them a registered letter asking politely that you be given some update as to your status. In the letter say specifically, "It's been "X weeks" since there's been any communication and even if there's still no decision on the merit of my candidacy I'm requesting the courtesy of an update communication that my file has not been lost and that all requirements on my end have been fulfilled."

        On a separate note, I'm suspicious that things are not going your way. The LAPD is so short on recruits they are contacting the approved candidates as fast as lighting. If you're interested in a career in L.E. I would start the application process with several other agencies immediately. This way you can truthfully say you are applying to multiple agencies simultaneously because you want to be a cop, and you will accept the first agency who completes your backgrounds. If you wait until you receive the dreaded "rejection letter..." You now will have to indicate that on the other applications... (that you were rejected by LAPD and now you're applying to them as second, third, fourth, etc choice).....All agencies ask you on the application if you've been applied elsewhere, and the disposition of your application...Then they contact the other agencies to compare notes... Just a thought.... Hope I helped...


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          Very helpful. Thank you! My friend's father who is LAPD said the same thing. I am currently actively testing in multiple departments as i know it is always hard to write yes was dq'ed for this and this department on applications. I appreciate the insight you have given and will write the formal letter of request. I just need to use the new year as a motivaion for me, always wanted to be a peace officer.


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            josph26, that's not quite true. Well the part about being suspicious. I took my polygraph around the end of October I think of last year? and they said kinda the same thing and even went as far as to accuse me of countermeasures, saying I was trying to beat the polygraph! It took them 3 months to finally get back to me and tell me I had to take another polygraph exam. This one kinda went the same way other than the accusations but I eventually passed and I'm now in the LAPD Academy

            The LAPD Is kind of weird that way, for some people it takes a matter of months. For me, it took a year due to the wait for the Polygraph results and also waiting for my CM to finally get to my background packet. If you want more information on the LAPD process, go to There are tons of people there who can help you in any part of the LAPD process, myself included


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              After spending 30 years with LAPD, I finally "got it." They love to alternately boast or complain that they have to go through 300 candidates to get one into the academy. I stopped buying their sad story many years ago. I sometimes don't see how they attract anyone, with all the delays and BS they put people through.

              Good luck, anyway!
              "You're never fully dressed without a smile."

              Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

              Three things I know for sure: (1) No bad deed goes unrewarded, (2) No good deed goes unpunished, and (3) It is entirely possible to push the most devoted, loyal and caring person beyond the point where they no longer give a 5h!t.


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                Thank you everyone. I live very close to you[special blend]. Are you doing the 6 month academy they are testing right now. My friend is graduating this friday. Very excited for him.


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