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Agencies and the dq?


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  • Agencies and the dq?

    When being informed of a DQ why do agencies say to please reapply in a year or two? If they didn't hire you now, why would they hire you next year if you happened to reapply? Futhermore, if you get the DQ a second time around they still encourage you to keep applying.

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    Depends what the DQ is. Also a year or two is some time to show the agency that you have matured or stayed clean for a certain period of time. Good luck with the process and keep applying.


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      When you apply you are not applying for a job. You are applying to compete against "X" number of others who are also applying. While you may not be qualified in this pool of applicants, in another pool you might be. The current pool may have a good number of veterans with college and those with experience. Next pool may have few vets and only those applicants who are fresh out of college and no experience.
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        The answer is because most DQ's are not lifetime DQ's. You can get some distance between you and the DQ in order to show maturity, then reapply.

        The non-select is the one to be aware of. Getting a non-select letter usually means they aren't going to hire you. That is the case in larger agencies, but it may simply mean there was a better candidate at a smaller agency.

        Either way, if they tell you to go ahead and reapply later, then do it if you want it bad enough.
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