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Made it to the merit board.


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  • Made it to the merit board.

    Okay so I was apart of a recruiting class last year for a metro department and I made it to the merit board, which to my understanding is the final step in the process and chooses who goes on to the academy and who doesnt. I was only 21 at the time of applying, was unemployed, and didnt have a college degree. I was cut from the process receiving the "more qualified candidates" letter and given a 2 year not able to apply thing because I made it so far in the process which I really dont understand but I have one year left till I can reapply and I was just curious as to what anyone thought about my situation. I have been working an armored transport job for the past seven months and hope to maintain this job until I reapply, I am thinking of also starting school for an associates in criminal justice or something along those lines.

    Is it safe to say that I have a good chance of making it all the way next time?

    Is the merit board the final step?

    Does everyone go through the merit board?

    What is up with you cant reapply for two years if you make it so far?


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    Most agency testing involves a written, an oral, a physical agility, a background, a psych and a medical (often in that order) so it is rare that the oral (merit board) is the final step.

    I don't know of any agency that does not require you to pass an oral interview in order to be hired.

    If you got cut at the oral, that usually signifies that you didn't answer enough of their questions correctly. Whether or not you have a chance at passing it again in the future will depend on how many of their questions you get right the next time.

    It is not unusual for an agency to require a certain time lag before you can test again.
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      No I passed all those tests, the merit board is a group of people outside the department that look over the applicant packets and give their opinion on them about whether they should go onto the academy or not or at least that is what I got from the sergeant.


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