Hello, quick question and I appreciate any responses in advance. I am in the background investigation phase with a local department. I feel my background is solid, I’ve never had a drop of alcohol, never used marijuana or other drugs. When it came to the question about using illegal drugs including prescriptions not prescribed to me. Not sure why but I overthought this question a lot, I have never used drugs not prescribed to me but for some reason I answered yes because I thought there might have been a time
in high school that I took a sleeping pill while I was having insomnia from a recent concussion. Looking back I’m positive this didn’t happen, but like I said I was overthinking it on the question and didn’t want to omit anything, so I included it. I feel like an idiot, Should I tell the department what happened? Or am I likely gonna be DQ’d? I don’t want to come off as a liar because I genuinely was trying to be as honest as possible.