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Background Investigation Mistake


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    Since he's from Utah and says he has never had a drop of alcohol...I'd guess his 2-year-mission entailed wearing a suit and nametag, walking around with a buddy, ringing door bells, handing out brochures, and proselytizing strangers.

    If that is the case, then working as a police officer will bring its own set of challenges. If you are able to completely separate your religious beliefs and morals from the work that we do and the people we deal with, then more power to you! It can't be easy.


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      Originally posted by Aidokea View Post
      Well, let's try another easy question, and see how you do with it.

      What kind of a 2 year mission was this?
      Interesting, initially I took this to be an oversees mission, but with recent other posts I think this was the standard, domestic Utah mission.

      Your background and beliefs may be a hindrance to this career in the typical Dept setting.


      • Aidokea
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        I see things...

      • emtguy89
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        I've worked with several of this particular demographic, and they do pretty well, so long as they realize not everyone agrees with them. I'd be more worried that he can't think straight while doing paperwork...

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      Well, he's been logged on here as recently as 1112 hours this morning...


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        All things to consider so thank you. Yes it was an LDS mission I spent two years across the country, a big portion doing service projects, hurricane cleanup and such. I was simply pointing out that I didn’t have any cognitive issues since the concussion. I personally do think my mission prepared me in a unique way and yes I know full well not everyone agrees with my beliefs.


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          Y’all have given me a lot to think about and I do genuinely value your opinions, maybe you guys are right and I should do some more self reflection or mature a little more.


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            Are you prepared to quickly take a life if Deadly Force is justified?


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            Your answers still seem unsure or hesitant, but maybe that's just your personality. The answer should have been a quick, confident "YES",........not, "yes, I would say that I am". Would you say it or act on it?!

            That would be my biggest concern. I'm a very strong, born again Christian, so I'm not questioning any Christian values, only any type of pacifist upbringing that could get you and others hurt or killed.

            If you're Sure that you're prepared for that, then confidently proceed with the application process. Never quit if there's an issue with the hiring process in this and other initial applications.

            Semper Fi
            Never Quit


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              Sorry, tried to give a confident yes like that but it required more than 10 characters haha, yes I am sure I’m prepared for that situation. Not planning on giving up, but lesson learned and I’ll deal with whatever consequences come my way

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            Good point, lol!

            Stick around and keep up updated.


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              Originally posted by Tclark33 View Post
              Hello, quick question and I appreciate any responses in advance. I am in the background investigation phase with a local department. I feel my background is solid, I’ve never had a drop of alcohol, never used marijuana or other drugs. When it came to the question about using illegal drugs including prescriptions not prescribed to me. Not sure why but I overthought this question a lot, I have never used drugs not prescribed to me but for some reason I answered yes because I thought there might have been a time
              in high school that I took a sleeping pill while I was having insomnia from a recent concussion. Looking back I’m positive this didn’t happen, but like I said I was overthinking it on the question and didn’t want to omit anything, so I included it. I feel like an idiot, Should I tell the department what happened? Or am I likely gonna be DQ’d? I don’t want to come off as a liar because I genuinely was trying to be as honest as possible.
              You said it happened so ...........it happened. You are on record.
              My new word for the day is FOCUS, when someone irritates you tell them to FOCUS


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