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  • Applications!!!

    I am going to miss the deadline for the November Entry Level Academy for Aurora, PD.

    Dont have a certain type of discharge from military service yet, dont know if disability is going to be rated service aggravated/incurred.

    Thank god there is another deadline and another academy soon after, or I would have to wait a year.

    Anyways was annoyed by that so I thought I would share.

    I decided I am going to apply to Lubbock, Tx PD, Aurora, CO PD and Denver, CO PD.

    Finished an interview for the Kit Carson Correctional Facility in Burlington, CO and was told by the CPT he is going to recommend me for the job. So hopefully this means I will be working in corrections while going through the Application process for these departments.

    If those PD's dont work out I may drop some applications with some of the Sheriff's Departments in those area's since most of them have on going applications accepted.

    If that doesn't work I'm going to self sponsor and do it all over again.

    Seems like applying and trying to get hired on is a job in itself. I guess the saying "Looking for a Job is a Job in its self" definately holds true in Law Enforcement, lol.

    Background on me again....

    Will be 23 In August,

    3 Years ABN Infantry (Army) (No Deployments)

    57 College Hours (Not Including 11 Transferred From Army Service Dont Know if those Count Or not)

    Smoked Weed Once (Hated It)

    2 Speeding Tickets In Last 3 Years

    3 Speeding Tickets Total (Last 5 Years)

    One Traffic Accident (Not At Fault) (Dont know how considered not at fault, I was the one driving and swerved to miss a Moose It just says Not At Fault on driving history from the State of Alaska)

    Bought Alchohol a few times for minors (Barracks Parties, Stupid but Its The Army Everyone Drinks) (Will never do this again and haven't in 2 Years)

    War On Terror Service Ribbon (+ 5 with most departments)

    Possible Service related disability (will find out on the 19th) (cleared but already in med board) (+5 more for most departments)

    Honorable Discharge

    Great Physical Shape ( 1 min PU 46, 1 min SU 64, 1.5 miles in 8:32)
    Mid 80s to Mid 90's on All my practice exams (God I hope they are worth the money I spent on the books)

    Witnessed someone steal something and didn't turn them in. (they outranked me and I was scared)

    Good Credit (will have only car payment after severence pay is recieved)(Paying off all bills with severence)
    Had a 460 dollar phone bill reported (payed within 30 days of being reported)
    3 Late Payments on Star Card (thought it was automatically taken out of pay check)(Account paid and closed)
    Credit score is 672

    That is all I can think of that will help anyone at all give me good advice. Couldn't think of anymore bad that I have witnessed and not reported or done myself. Wanted to put anything that would even possibly have an affect on my application process and Background Investigation.

    Do have volunteer work but too much to list here.

    Does it look good for me?? Any advice would also be appreciated anything else that I could do to make me stand out as a top applicant???

    Will be doing ride-alongs when I get back to the lower 48. Thinking about doing ride-along with Anchorage PD before I leave Alaska and taking their civil service exam as practice. ( didn't want to use the city of anchorages resources if I was not applying with them, will probably just tell them I would like the experience though and see if they allow me)

    Anyways this is long winded thank you everyone in advance. Stay safe and God Bless.

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    No Replies maybe it was a little too long winded, lol.

    I've posted alot of this before but wanted to repost with all circumstances, everything that was put on questionaires and application nothing left out.

    I also have another question most Correctional Officers go through an academy what is the difference with the

    Correction Corps Of America

    I've been told you just train at the prison for a month or so then you are done with your training.


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      I don't see any jump out DQ's. I would be concerned about the service connected disability, what is it, how does it affect your ability?
      Honesty Pays, Dishonesty Costs, ARE YOU IN DEBT


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        Its called electrocardiogenic syncope, luckily its one of those things fixed by medication. I haven't had anymore episodes and my doctor said I would live 100% healthy life and it wouldn't affect me anymore. Modern Medicine is great. I was actually even told I would be able to rejoin the military if I wanted to, but since my med board is already going through I'm going to ride it out.

        Move on to another chapter in my life and do something else.

        I have actually got a PM from you before about your department and too apply. I dont know how I would sell Arizona to my wife, lol. It seems like a good department though.

        Was cool that you had some ex airborne guys on the force.

        Anyways, thats the extent of the disability, Wierd to be labled with a disability that is not going to bother me anymore though, lol.


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