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HELP! Hiring...medical process.


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  • HELP! Hiring...medical process.

    I know the departments differ but a general consensus would be wonderful!

    You're going thru the medical portion (the last step) of the hiring process for a local (large dept) PD. You get a TB skin test and are instructed to have it read w/in 48-72 hrs.

    You get your test read and it comes back positive, barely, but positive. You are 99.99% sure you do NOT have TB b/c you're in perfect health. Plus, you have a SO who gets a TB test every year and it has been negative...so you know you haven't given it to her (and you would had you had it).
    You were in the Military and were stationed in Japan for a year and have done a tour of duty in Iraq, so you know you probably have been exposed to TB. The nurse concludes that you most likely don't have TB, and just were exposed to it, but you still tested positive. Once you've been exposed to TB, you'll ALWAYS test positive for it, regardless if you have it or not.

    You had a chest xray completed at the physical but it probably wont be read for a while (week+). You've already faxed the report saying you were positive for TB (even though it was an exposure), and to check the patients chest xrays.

    Would the department most likley DQ you b/c you tested positive, with out checking the chest xrays?

    Would the department most likely check the xrays and determine whether or not you actually have a live case and then proceed?

    What, if anything, would you do?


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    I had to get chest X-rays and take 2 meds. for 6 months as a precaution. then after that you should be good.
    i recently took my physical with the Ohio State Highway Patrol and told them that i'm a possitive reactor to PPD. So i didn't get one. I was told in the military once i popped positivem that i was to always tell them so i would not have to get the PPD.
    Anyways, the OSHP passed me after my chest X-ray came in. They had my records and knew I'd been through the medication cycle. Lots of people are reactors, LEO's and military are relly suseptable. i think i got mine working the jail as a CO.
    I don't think it's a big deal.


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      shouldn't be a problem as long as ur chest xray is negative. had same thing happen to me. but had a 2nd one and they used a different chemical and came back negative. as long as the chief medical person says ok.


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        Medical Process

        When all the dust settles, and the smoke clears, it's going to be up to the Doctor. Personally, I don't see a problem.


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          Chest xrays clear!


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