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  • I got "The Letter"

    Hello Everyone,

    I recieved "the letter" informing me that I will not be accepted by the SDPD (I am not concern of their pay at the moment). It told me that I must wait 2 years from the day I recieved this letter to apply again. It did not say anything about being DQ also. On another note, I recieved this letter on the same day I submitted my Personal History Statement package (weird?). Other than the package, I had only taken the written test and the physical ability test and passed both. I also completed a packet on the day of the PAT that had questions which were to be answered in a YES + description or NO. I had one red light ticket which I went to traffic school for and everything else is CLEAN. I am a Hmong-American and I can read and write fluently in English and Hmong, plus I can speak Spanish moderately well. I am currently attending college studying Criminal Justice with a GPA of 3.5+. I do not know what happen, the only thing I can think of is my age... 21? Is there anything I can do besides applying for another PD? Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you all in advance.
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    You can try to contact someone you know on the department and possibly ask if there was anything you could have done differently or in the future to improve your chance of getting hired. In the meantime, you should continue to apply for other departments.
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      is there a contact # on the letter? there should be one. if not ask to speak with the backgrounds sgt. i received the same letter but it said i had to wait 5 years. the sgt was cool and straigtforward... but in san diego specifically, it will be toughter to get hired cuz they will contact SDPD and see why u were DQed.. that was my experience with many agencies i applied with after SDPD. age is definitely not a factor. esp for SDPD who is hurting.


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        That's weird.... I received the letter from SDPD as well but it didn't say when/if I could re-apply. The last sentence from the first paragraph just abruptly ends after "you will not be selected for the position". It doesn't even end with a period.


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          There's only an address that is given to me to send my letter to. But on the very bottom, there is a phone # but I think that's just for the PD as a whole? My letter did actually say I had to wait 2 years and I did not get any DQ statement, just a non-acceptance one.
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