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    First. This is my second account. If someone could tell me how to delete my other account that would be great. I feel like my other account is too revealing, since it is partially my name.

    Second. I met with my BI last night. I feel like it went well, but I'm nervous. He had copies of my credit report, driving record, transcripts, and criminal history in the county and city I grew up in. We talked about 2 speeding citations and a no fault accident I was in when I was 16. Since I had no criminal history he didn't ask me anything about it. He asked about drug use, which I could proudly tell him I've never participated in. During my oral board I had disclosed an MIP I received so we discussed that, he let me know he had one before he became a police officer. The thing is, I felt like the interview was only me answer his questions. He did not have copies of a couple occurrences I've had with the police at school so he did not ask me about them, and during the interview I didn't have a chance to bring them up. I was expecting a question like, "Have you ever been questioned by police?" or, "Is there anything you'd like to add?" but I never got that question. Today he came to the city where I went to school and found out about an argument I had with my girlfriend and about when I was reported for having a gun. This is what has me nervous. After finding out about these he came and talked to me about it. He didn't accuse me of trying to hide anything, but I'm afraid he thinks I might have. After having the intention of disclosing these two occurrences in the initial interview, and then leaving having not mentioned them, I felt like I hadn't told him everything.

    The good thing is I have never been convicted of anything and their department is 5 short and they have to hire 1 to meet some sort of standard agreement, and I'm the only candidate who made backgrounds. Not that it's an automatic but I feel like I have a pretty good shot with never having been in serious trouble.

    So that's how my background went. Keeping my fingers crossed!
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    Congrats. Hope it all goes well for you.
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