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Appeal Letter to my BI


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  • Appeal Letter to my BI

    I got "the letter" yesterday telling me I won't be hired for SDPD. Can anyone recommend things I can do to find out why and maybe appeal the decision or what my other options are?

    I wrote an appeal letter and wanted to get people's thoughts on it and if you think it is the right way to write the letter and what I'm saying in it. Thanks in advance for everyone's help.


    Dear Sergeant XXXX,

    This letter is in reference to the application for Reuben XXXX, reference number xxxxx. I am writing to inquire why I was not selected for the position of Police Officer.

    My personal character, life experience, competence, professionalism, and leadership abilities are such that I will be an Exemplary Peace Officer. Two people with a background in law enforcement have known me long enough and well enough to vouch for my character and qualifications. Deputy Sheriff for the County of Santa Clara, Ryan XXXX, can be reached at (408) xxx-xxxx. SDPD Chaplain, Chuck XXXX, can be reached at (619) xxx-xxxx. Sergeant Paul XXXX of Northern Division and Officer Steven XXXX of Recruiting have also been assisting me through this application process.

    I know that I will make an Exemplary Peace Officer and am dedicated to becoming one. Some of the things I have done as a result of this dedication are starting a 6 day-a-week physical fitness regime to prepare myself for the academy and the physicality of police work, learning the SDPD radio codes, and spending $250 of my own money to purchase Academy materials to begin reading and learning.

    I would like to know what I can do to appeal the decision not to select me and/or to reapply for the position of Police Officer. If you could contact me at your earliest convenience I would appreciate that. My home phone number is (858) xxx-xxxx, my cell phone is (858) xxx-xxxx, my email is xxxxx, and my address is xxxxx.

    Thank You,
    Reuben XXXX

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    sounds like a solid letter to me, good luck my friend


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      You are not going to get a reply to your letter or a reason for your DQ, things just don't work that way. Liability and practicality dictate that a Law Enforcement agency almost never tells an applicant why they have been eliminated, things are kept very general. I suspect deep down you know the reason why.

      You may get someone to tell you what happened off the record, but I doubt it. Take it as a learning point, keep getting better, and move on.

      To all the other posters out there who want to "Appeal" a DQ: Save yourself some grief and just move on to another agency and or give yourself more time. You are not going to prevail in challenging an agency that has passed on you. I know that is blunt advice, but please take it. It is just how the Law Enforcement hiring process goes...You just have to move on.


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        DQ's can be appealed and won at many agencies. However, if there was an option to appeal, it would have been included in your letter. There is a difference between being non-selected and DQ'd.

        Many agencies use non-select because there is no appeal. Check your letter and see if it gives you the option to appeal. If not, then you have no recourse. - Background investigation consulting & forums
        Facebook page: The Police Applicant Group (North America)


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          good luck with SDPD. I too got the DQ letter long time ago. it said apply back in 5 years . lol. however i did contact the background sgt who was friendly and straight forward with me.

          with my experience of applying to numberous san diego agencies ( a while back), once you get DQ'ed from one, then you're gone from every other agency. seems like all the background peoples know each other.

          so i ended up applying out of county and getting hired...


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            Appeal to BI

            While your letter is certainly an example of how to compose a business letter, I'm not certain it will do you a whole lot of good. For my reasoning in this regard, I refer you to the previous posts. What I would suggest you do at this point, is apply at other agencies. The fact that you were either, non -selected, or DQd from one agency, doesn't mean you won't qualify at another. If you continue to DQ, or not be selected, then I suggest there may be a "constant" in your history that is causing the problem. In the meantime, continue to apply.


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              What the others have said above. I can't speak for all agencies, but at mine after you get the thin letter that is it. Prior to the Polygraph, every applicant has to sign two waivers indicating that they will not attempt to obtain the records or reason for DQ if that occurs.

              It doesn't hurt to check with the agency's policies, however. You may get lucky
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                Thanks for the advice everyone.


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