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question about consuming alcohol


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  • question about consuming alcohol

    would it be an issue for someone to consume 1-2 drinks per month who is currently processing? i never drink to the point of being drunk, and may have been intoxicated 1 time in the past 3 months ( my birthday). by intoxicated i DO NOT mean drunk, just to the point where i had a buzz (few glasses of wine at a family dinner). some months i go without a single sip... usually just on special occassions.

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    As long as you're doing so legally, I seriously doubt that you'll encounter any problems because you have a couple of drinks now and then.

    Now, I can virtually guarantee that the subject of alcohol consumption will be brought up at some point during your hiring process But, so long as your drinking doesn't follow the pattern of someone who has of may be developing an alcohol problem or who has to drink to relax or cope with stress, it's pretty much a non-issue.
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      totally legal and no where near being any sort of co-dependency. like i said, i sometimes go a few months without even a sip, and then when i actually do have a drink its usually wine with dinner.

      another question i thought about... now that doctors are recommending a glass of red wine per day, would that be looked at as "bad".


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        sure, just dont be hammered around noon time on a weekday when your background investigator makes a surprise visit to your house.


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          ...playing off what Maine said...

          You swing the door open. "Hey! Did you bring da beer!"

          "No... I am your background investigator for LASD."

          "No beer... can you look after my place while I go get some more Frank?"

          "My name is David, and no I cannot look after your place. We need to conduct an interview."

          "Comon Frank, watch some tv. Pizza is on the counter!"

          "Ok then, but hurry up. I got to go to another canidates house soon."

          "Frank, what's the beef? Already talking about hanging out with Jenny, I told you to leave my ex-gf alone!"

          "I hear beer is on sale at 7-Eleven."

          "Beer Sale!"


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            hahahahahahaha you nailed it


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              yeah it all just kinda came together after you said that maine, man that was funny hehe


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