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Failed psych for being 21 years old?


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  • Failed psych for being 21 years old?

    A few weeks ago i took my psych test for the local sheriff's office i applied to. it was about 1000 question psych test.

    It went well, felt no need to get up and use the bathroom, not stressed at all. Felt rather confident actually that i made it in.

    I get the news 2 days letter from the test center that i dindt qualify. I felt like crap but oh well, went in the following day for the feedback from the license psychologist that gave me the test.

    He said that i had 2 problems that the specific department is really picky about. The first one that was above average was my egocentricity (compliance to rules) and the other was my impulse. Basicly, he said that i have the personality of an overconfident 21 year old (He probably wanted to say "cocky little punk kid")

    He said i have many good qualities and that i am definately law enforcement material, BUT this department is strict on those guildelines.

    Fine i said, but he also added in that if i wouldve applied to other nearby agencies i wouldve definately made the cut and that i would end up in the academy for any other department.

    I found that odd and asked if i can appeal or something. He said that this specific department doesnt even question their final analysis and they dont even bother seeing the test themselves???? Dindt understand, and he went off on a whole liability, everyone looking out for their *** conversation.

    Why are some departments iffy about hiring really young applicants? He said with this specific department, young (19-21) have extreme difficulty passing the exam on the first time, that many my age need to hold a year and take it again.

    Is it so i can mature a year more? I still feel a bit down because its not that im not a qualified future police cadet, its just that basicly i was unlucky and applied to the wrong department (The process was 8 months also, which hurt me even more because i was so excited that i was about to make it in for sure).

    I know this is long but any feedback i would definately appreciate. I felt kinda cheated and already exposed to the politics and "everyone covering their own ***" part about law enforcement . i thought you deal with that after the academy lol.

    ~Take Care

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    Sadly alot of departments are leery about hiring 21 year olds...granted that is the youngest that folks can apply, it is still difficult. The process is long and tedious, but if this is what you truly want to do, you can't give up. Apply again and at other nearby departments, and use the time in between to kick up your work out regimen, and maybe snag some extra college classes. Both will help you. Good luck and don't get too discouraged. Very few people get on with a department their first try or at age 21.
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      Failed psych

      I definitely agree with the first reply. Don't walk away from law enforcement if you really have the desire to serve. I realize your disappointment, but keep in mind that this is one aqency, and one test. There are others. Do not limit yourself to only one department. Look into the possiblity of joining a Police Explorer Group, perhaps an internship. Keep at at. Many current Officers have experienced difficulties in their first attempts at being hired.


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        my egocentricity (compliance to rules) and the other was my impulse. Basicly, he said that i have the personality of an overconfident 21 year old (He probably wanted to say "cocky little punk kid")

        egocentricity is not only compliance to rules but centering on self (not a team player). Impulse does not carry "cocky little punk kid" as a defining phrase. When you put these two together you do get a picture of someone that might get out of control if placed in a stressful situation.

        The advice given to keep applying is good advice, and re apply with the same department in a couple of years. Usually departments have a one year probationary period in which they can terminate you for no reason, most would give you an opportunity and watch you in your FTO program to insure you could handle the job without difficulty.

        That is not politics or anything near politics. It is the opinion of one psychologist and that one departments preference. Yes it is "CYA" type decision, that department is not willing to risk a law suit because one officer may not handle a situation according to policy.
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          ehh pysch test = keep in mind they want PC sheep team players... or most departments do anyways. imo
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            "CYA". thas a good one lol

            Thanks on the replies guys, really appreciate it.

            Detect is right also, the psych did bring that up about not being a team player. After thinking about the test i do remember some questions which i shouldve answered differently.

            So basicly for next year, in reality its all about answering the questions in the way they want them to be answered, thas what i dont really like about these tests.


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              I'm 22 and didn't have a problem with the psych. What tests did he give you? If I recall correctly I took the MMPI-2 and the Catel.


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                Dont sweat it. Keep applying, re-applying. I once tried to lateral to another agency in my county. My BI told me that I my application was being terminated due to my extensive criminal background. I laughed. He then said, "is that funny to you"? I said Yes. He then said, "well I have to ask why do you think your criminal history is so funny". I said to you actually think that I would have been hired by a sister agency with an extensive criminal background? He agreed with me, but stated that they were going to stand by the agencies findings. What can you do? I have NO criminal history, never have. It's just one of those things. Keep reappplying. You'll get in eventually.
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                  I took the MMPI-2 and about 4 other tests that i cant really remember now.

                  It took me about 6 hours str8.

                  And yea, i wouldve made it in also no problem, but i just went for a department that was strict on 2 certain things that are different from other departments .

                  Ima keep trying thats for sure. I called the firm that does the tests and they said it was o.k that i apply to other departments because each department has different standards (I thought a cop is a cop, oh well), And that i should be fine.


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