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    I am in the process for a deputy sheriff custodial (jail guard) position. I have to do a repeat interview tomorrow since I had a knee injury and couldn't do the PAT.
    Need advice on answering situational questions. Interviewers are the heads of the three county facilities.

    Last time I was asked the following:

    o What would you do if a fellow officer were taken hostage? (No-hostage policy)

    o What would you do if you were fingerprinting a prisoner and he spit on you? (I gave an answer then they followed up with - What would you do if he spit on you again?)

    I assume there are policies to deal with most probable situations. How can I generally answer these things without knowing what they want to hear? I could answer by saying using physical restraint and they could think that was too harsh but if I answer trying to verbally reason with the prisoners they could think I'm too soft.

    Other questions dealt with personal failure/success, integrity, knowledge of the system, etc.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Think along the lines of common sense... If a officer is taken hostage, you better call it in for backup as one of your first things.

    If a guy spit on you, most likely the agency will have face shields. Secure the prisoner until equipment can be put into place to prevent him/her from spitting again.


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