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Will A Car Wreck Mess Up My Chances At Getting Hired?


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  • Will A Car Wreck Mess Up My Chances At Getting Hired?

    So I had a car wreck while I was on my learner's permit. The insurance still has not actually ruled who was at fault on this. I was pulling out of a drive and a car driving on the shoulder and I collided. No injuries. The actual driver of the car fled and the passenger did not speak English and ended up fleeing after the responding officer left them to talk to me. So it was very unclear of what their account of the story was.

    Anyways, the responding officer gave me a ticket for failure to yield, which I deserved. He explained that the other driver shouldn't have been driving on the shoulder but I had to yield, regardless. I understand this and accept full responsibility for my mistake. I was an idiot. This happened well over a year ago. I am still in college so I will not be going for getting hired this year but I am curious, will this accident mess with my chances of getting hired?

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    This will not be a factor, unless you failed to pay the ticket. Just divulge the incident and citation.


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      That probably won't be a problem for you.

      How long ago was it? How old were you at the time?

      Everyone makes mistakes, and nobody expects you to be perfect- in a situation like this, it's more about how you deal with it, and you seem to be dealing well with it, by taking responsibility for your role in the collision.


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        I wouldn't worry about it.


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          When I was 16, on slippery roads I got into a 3 car accident and one of the cars was really totalled. I was at fault. I went to court, ticket was dismissed due to the other party not showing up. Insurance fixed everyone's car and no one was hurt. I still got on the job years later after military service. You'll be ok.


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            Originally posted by KaliberKnight View Post
            I was pulling out of a drive and a car driving on the shoulder and I collided. No injuries.
            Absent any other derogatory information in your personal history I don't see it being a problem, however I've got to ask, how can you not see someone driving on the shoulder when you're coming out of a driveway?

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            • KaliberKnight
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              Honestly, stupidity. It was dark and they had their turn signal on so my new driver brain said "oh, hey, they're going to turn into this drive I'm pulling out of". It was very stupid. I had started pulling forward to turn out (I didn't actually pull all the way out when it occurred) when we collided. They actually hit the accelerator as we collided and tore my front bumper off.

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              KaliberKnight. You might actually be TOO hard on yourself. This sort of thing could happen even to an experienced driver. It should not affect your hiring process. If you had been texting or were otherwise distracted or impaired it might be a different story. Don't worry about it, and try to keep your driving record clean moving forward. Good luck.

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