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Suspended, now what?


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  • Suspended, now what?

    I work Security at this place with attractions. Sometimes the guests lose their stuff in these attractions and try to climb into off-bounds areas to obtain their items back. This is extremely dangerous to do considering this attraction could kill them if they are out of bounds and get hit by it. Seeing two guests in the out of bounds area, I radioed it in and tried to yell for them to get down, they couldnt hear me, so I climbed to the area so they could. By the time I was finished and they were kicked out, I realized I screwed up entering the area to save them and got suspended for it. My supervisors are going to back me up that it was just a mistake, because I have a great rep when it comes to being an outstanding employee. However, Friday I will see whether the boss sees it the same way. As per the Dept Regulations stated, I notified the background dept of the incident, and am waiting for a response regarding what they will say. Do you guys think they'll understand it was an honest mistake or do I have a chance to get DQed?

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    Did you get fired?

    Originally posted by Protect-N-Serve View Post
    . Do you guys think they'll understand it was an honest mistake or do I have a chance to get DQed?
    You acted in violation of policy to save a life, correct? The way I see it, you acted like any LEO would have. That said, you're not a LEO(yet) I'm not your BI, and he/she may see things differently. This is of course only my opinion, but if you explained it to your BI the way you did here, you should be fine.

    Good luck
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      Let your BI know. I don't see a problem.


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        Backgrounds called and told me to write the incident down and hand it to my background investigator when I meet him. Also told me to call her personally in 2 weeks if I haven't been assigned a BI yet, things don't look so bad now . Thanks guys!


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          You should be ok.
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            no problems seen... so don't worry. just tell them... i received letter of reprimands before and the BI's didn't care... of course it depends on the reasons.. i received them just for dumb stuff, but nothing like stealing, etc... and my supervisors teased me about it everyday.


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              Kept my job. The assistant manager of the security dept went to the head of the entire organization and plead that I should stay. Also was told that whenever the BI calls, they'll give me a great recommendation. Sometimes things just work out good


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