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Terminated from a job in past?


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  • Terminated from a job in past?

    Good evening,

    I am looking to possibly apply to NJ State Police & PA State Police soon. I was curious if being previously fired from a second job could affect me?

    I have been with my current company from 04/2017 to present - mostly working full time hours and am in good standing.

    About a year ago, one of my friends convinced me to get a second job which was part-time at a service in a neighboring county. I got hired there with no issue, passed training with no issue & ended up working there from time to time, however not too often - mostly due to the fact it was much further of a drive than from my other job (where there was plenty of open overtime shifts available), paid much less, and just had a lot of drama beginning especially with director spots being changed and in general just didn’t feel like it was a good fit for me. However after working there for after only ~6 months I began to tell my friend that I am considering putting in my two weeks notice for the service.

    A few days later I worked a shift at the job, seemingly fine. A few days from that passed and I got a call from one of the supervisors asking me about a patient complaint, he was very informal and just asked for my side of how a patient interaction went so I answered it honestly - I didn’t see anything that could’ve possibly of been wrongfully done by me or the people I was there with, it was a relatively routine task. Following that a few days later I didn’t hear anything and just received a letter in the mail saying I was terminated based on a patient complaint.

    I never received any disciplinary actions at that job and was even being offered full-time positions which I declined.

    I was puzzled and was never told of the accusations against me. I called the director respectfully and asked if I could know the reasoning of the termination to which I got the answer: “Nah, we’re not going to tell you why because it’s none of your buisnees.” It was just confusing because it happened out of nowhere and I honestly cannot see what could possibly of went wrong. The other person I was with decided to leave the company apparently.

    At my other company however I never had any major disciplinary issues, or complaints, so far in my entire employment there I only had 2 written warnings from over 2 years ago (one was for using a copy and paste narrative template for patient care reports which was apparently against company policy, and the other was for GPS monitor in vehicle detecting speeding.)

    Just curious if this could affect me when applying? Everything else in my background is clean, no traffic tickets, drug use, etc.

    I was also 21 at the time I was terminated there and much younger when I received the warnings at my other job. I changed my habits and since then I never received any disciplinary action and am in otherwise good standing.

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    From what you have stated I see no glaring disqualifying event. You can expect these things to come up in the course of a good background investigation so you must be prepared to disclose these matters openly and freely (letting these things come up all by themselves may cause a big red flag).

    You need to be aware that you will be competing with everyone else in the hiring pool at every stage of the process. When given the choice between an applicant with questionable employment history and another applicant without such issues the hiring authority may decide to extend an employment offer to the other guy.

    Not every step of the process is a "pass-fail" event, there will always be subjective analysis involved.

    Probably not what you want to hear, but reality is reality.


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      Sure, it could affect you. They will investigate it, and give it the weight that they think it deserves. It is just one piece of the puzzle.


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