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Polygraph Post PT Exam


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  • Polygraph Post PT Exam

    Hello all, I’m trying to get some information, insight and opinions as to my next step.

    Earlier this year I applied with to a certain state for a position as a lateral state trooper. With that being said yes, I’ve completed another states Hiring and training requirements. (to include a polygraph).

    As an out of state applicant I showed up bright and earlier for a PT test in the desert sun. Ran, completed and passed said exam. Within 1 hour I had medical appt. my blood pressure was through the roof for this. Consideration points: you are supposed to fast for 8-10 hours prior to medical appointment for their blood draw. But yes I took prework out for the PT test.

    After the medical appointment I had just enough time to change and head back to their HQ for my
    poly. Needless to say I was sweating and was able to feel my pulse rate through my ears.

    After all was said and done I did not pass the test.

    After contacting HR they informed me “yeah well other people do this with no problem.” Yes I understand but not all people are the same.

    I was hoping someone has some insight to this. Is this a common practice, can a polygraph after a pt exam have adverse effects?

    I was notified that I am unable to apply for a period of 2 years due to this failure. All truths were told and I’m just kind of perplexed as to how this all is allowed.


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    Before you say it. Yes, I know this post if all over the place. Sorry for that, if there are any questions I’ll be happy
    to clear them up.


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      I am no examiner, but my guess is that exercise prior to the exam just gives you a different base line.

      Did the examiner conduct a pre exam interview? That should buy you some time. Did you tell the examiner that you had been running around all day and would like 15 minutes to collect yourself?

      At the end of the day, their process works for them. Whether it specifically works for you or not is not their problem.


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