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Risks in hiring process


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  • Risks in hiring process

    I’m in the process of applying to Plano Police Dept. in Texas

    I graduated from college last December and was planning on taking a year overseas as a private contractor to build a solid savings account before applying to be a police officer in DFW. Covid hit, which completely threw me off, crushed my savings, and (stupidly)resulted in me waiting a few additional months to apply in the misplaced hope I’d still be able to go overseas. Right now I’ve got a job managing a warehouse in Arlington where the pay is ok, but it’s still not what I want to do.

    My background check advisor has informed me that he still needs to do a pre employment check with all my employers, including my current one. However, I have two problems.

    The first is, my place of employment is horribly run and is known to fire employees for even speaking about being discontent with working there. In other words, as soon as they get a call from anyone regarding me going to work elsewhere I’ll likely be fired the same day.

    The second problem is, what with COVID destroying my savings I cannot afford to be fired from this job AND then not get the job with Plano, which is certainly not a guarantee.

    Has anyone tackled this issue or a similar issue before? How’d you resolve it?

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    Ask your BI to contact your current employer last. That's about all you can do if you want to move on in the process.

    You can get a job as an oversees contractor without any experience?


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      I’ve got 8 years of military service, that’s why I originally got the job before the DOD stop move order took place.

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    Sorry, but there is no way to prevent your current employer from finding out that you are seeking another job. There will be inquiries from the personnel department and background investigator.


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