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Is this too extreme?


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  • Is this too extreme?

    This might seem ridiculous, but I have heard from a lot of folks entering the academy that the drill sergeants are pretty strict on facial hair. That's fine, and I agree with them, however I have a bit of a problem when it comes to shaving. I keep myself clean cut, yet I seem to grow stubble really quickly. In a few hours I look like I didn't shave at all that morning! I don't want the cotton ball getting stuck on my stubble, so I was thinking about getting my entire face WAXED before the academy. It'll hurt like Hell, but it might be worth it. Has anyone else done this?

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    Get an electric razor, keep it in your locker and shave again after lunch before you return to class. Waxing (I have never heard of a face waxing before) is probably not a good option. You'd have to do it five to six times through the academy. That's just crazy, dude!!


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      I had a few guys in my academy that had to shave at lunch.


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        Very true xdrcx, I would opt for the electric over something that you probably don't feel entirely comfortable about...
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          Electric razor, but make sure it's a rechargable battery. Also keep some skin bracer or something there too which will stimulate the stumble to stand up straight, giving you the closest shave.

          (wow, I feel like I am on a commercial)


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            *Not a cop

            i had this problem in US Army basic, i agree with the electric shaver..

            DO NOT USE NAIR, or wax

            a dude i knew tried it and it made his face look like someone beat his face with golf shoe.
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