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Background Question (Yes, another one, sorry)


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  • Background Question (Yes, another one, sorry)

    Howdy all,

    I'm currently applying for the Washington State Patrol, and have been accepted to phase 1 testing. I'm confident about the process, but my one concern is my background.

    I have consumed alcohol while underage (I'm 19.5 right now), eaten food that I was not supposed to at a job I used to have (theft, right?), and downloaded songs off the internet.

    My friend, who is also applying with me, has essentially done the same thing, but he occasionally smoked cigarettes while under 18.

    Will this hurt our chances a great deal?

    Thanks for any input!

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    It depends on when you did these things and how often. If you downloaded two songs three years ago and didn't think it was theft at the time, that one thing. If you've down loaded a few hundred songs over the last year, including twenty the day before you came in for your background investigation, that's something else. Every case is different and every department has different standards. Tell the truth and see what happens.
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      The biggest advice that I would say is something that pulicords hit on, be truthful. If you're not there is a good chance they will find out about it and then you're toast for sure, if you are you will have a much better chance. Everyone has things that they are entirely proud of, being able to admit them is another story.
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        I've done a lot of research into it over the past day (I work graveyard doing virtually nothing, so I had a little free time), and I've decided you're exactly right. There's nothing I can do to change my past, only go in, be honest, and hope for the best.

        However, on a side note, my friend has Hemophilia, and he's been DQ'd by WSP, does anyone know of a way he could go about appealing that decision, or getting a waiver? He has numerous hemophilia specialists and doctors who will back him up in saying it doesn't prevent him from performing the duties of a Police Officer.


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          If he can't perform the duties of a peace officer without being an immediate threat to his safety or the safety of others, he'll probably be DQ'd. If his doctors say he can do the job, he can appeal under the American's with Disabilities Act (ADA) or similar WA state laws. He should appeal through the agency's personnel division, then consult a private attorney familiar with ADA. An appeal can also be made through the EEOC and the State Dept of Fair Employment. I'm not a doctor or familiar with how well his condition can be controlled, but those that are might tell him he can't do the job within Federal or State guidelines and he may have to look into another line of work.
          "I'm not fluent in the language of violence, but I know enough to get around in places where it's spoken."


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            I can help you out a little bit. I received a citation for minor in possession (of alcohol) while in college. During my oral board I was asked if there is anything in my past that I thought could result in a DQ so I told them about the minor in possession (I did take a diversion course, doesn't really matter though). Long story short, I told them about it and I'm 1 of 2 who moved on to the next phase of testing.

            Also, an uncle of mine is an undersheriff for a county department and he advised me that the minor in possession would not be a big deal as long as I was honest about it. Apparently many applicants around here have past DUII convictions and other things more serious than minor in possession. Just be honest when asked about it, and show that you've grown up since then. In my case, I realized that the type of behavior I was exhibiting could put an abrupt end to my dream of becoming a LEO.

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              Just an update, my friend persisted in talking to State regarding the Hemophilia and talked to someone higher up who said something along the lines of "We'll pretend they never said anything to you, because they legally can't". I'm guessing this means that Hemophilia isn't an auto-DQ, or he just has to be told by medical that he's DQ'd.


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