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BI Called today to ask about my FELONIES !!!


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  • BI Called today to ask about my FELONIES !!!

    Got the biggest scare I think I have ever had this morning.

    I got a voice mail message from the dept that I am applying for.
    "Urgent - Call back ASAP"

    So I call back and tell the women who answers my name and that I am returning their call.

    She immediately informs me that she is recording the phone call and that she would be asking me some questions.

    I have never applied for a dept so I figure this is normal. I say "ok".

    She begins... "Do you have an arrest record?"

    I start to explain that I was arrested/held on a Sunday in like 1995 for non-payment of a traffic fine...

    She interupts me.. "YES OR NO, do you have an arrest record?"

    Again, I am not used to this process, so I just sucked it up and answered "yes". I just figured she was busy and was a "no-nonsense" I don't have time to waste kind of person.

    She then askes me about the arrest that I was starting to explain previously. I answered her question, then she asks about a second arrest in 1997. I inform her that I have only been arrested once, and I remember almost every minute of it.. not something I am proud of, or would EVER want to happen again.

    She reminds me that she is recording the conversation and asks me again. I tell her "no, I have no other arrests"

    She then says "ok, do you realize you can not be a police officer with a felony.. you can't carry a weapon."

    I answered "yes, I don't have any felonys".

    She says "What about 1999, when you were arrested for recieving, distributing and something..something cocaine?"

    WOOOHH.. my heart stopped. Now I am starting to think this is a buddy messing with me or something. (I hope).

    I informed her that I had been in earlier this month for ID and had my fingerprints taken. I then asked if she checked my prints against the arrest record to verify. She said, "yes, it was a fingerprint hit."

    I told her there was no way she had the right information.. She must have sort of believed me because she said that she would check something and call me back.

    She called back in like 10 minutes and informed me that it was actually a Social Security # hit under a alias. She was going to double check the arrest file booking info and photo as well as the fingerprints, and I would be ok.

    The whole thing got straightened out on the phone, and they are allowing me to continue.

    Bummer is, if I had not called her back today, and went in for my 1st interview in Tuesday they would have hooked me up right after I checked in.. this guy who is using my SS# is currently wanted.

    Wonder how long it would have taken to straighten out while I was sitting in Milwaukee County Jail with the rest of the guys who "didn't do it".?

    Sorry this ran on so long.. had to tell someone. Anyone who does BI's, or any other officer on here, ever run into something like this before?

    The guy who is using my SS# and name is a real POS.. check out the list:

    1 - Felony drug charges (3 offenses)
    2 - Armed Robbery (2 charges)
    3 - DUI (2 dui and one drinking in car/not operating)
    4 - Driving after Suspension (4 times)
    5 - Theft of less than $1000.00
    6 - 3 Current restraining orders.
    7 - 1 mortgage forclosure
    8 - 2 auto repos

    Now I have to scramble around and make sure this joker hasn't used my Name or SS# for anything else... ie the forclosure or repos.

    The BI told me "Its a good thing that you never got pulled over w/o your DL on you and gave your SS # for I.D."

    OH Yeah.. his warrent is from Dane County. I just sent them a app packet for Sheriff Deputy. (Maybe I will call them before they run into the same thing... sure they will believe me... "thats not me")

    Thanks for listing.
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    Milwaukee PD

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    wow... good thing you straightened that out, damn identity frauders!


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      Wanted to add this..

      Just wanted to add a note.

      The women I spoke to ended up being VERY nice and understanding once we got things figured out.

      When she thought I was the previously mentioned POS, she was not very "friendly". Not that I would have even been as nice as she was.

      Just wanted to make sure no one thought the MPD people were rude during the process.
      Milwaukee PD


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        Good luck in the process bro, let us know how it goes!


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          Wouldn't this be GREAT !!??!!

          One of my co-workers that I told this story today brought up a good point.

          If I am lucky enough to get on with the Milwaukee PD... maybe I will be lucky enough to pull this idiot over some day. (He has drug charges in Milwaukee)

          "Good evening sir, may I see your license...?"

          "Sorry officer, I don't have it on me... but my name is <insert my name> and my SS# is <insert my SS#>."

          Not sure exactly how the next line would go... but I bet the LEO's on here can come up with some good "ideas".
          Milwaukee PD


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            ID theft is at an all time high. You need to contact a number of agencies to have this all cleared up, as of now it is not. This individual is still using your ID. Ask you local LE agency for an ID theft packet. It gives all the information you need to clear this up and stop it from continuing. It takes about three months to get everything resolved. You will be getting a notice from the IRS regarding past taxes due if the subject used your SSAN for employment. I would go to work on this one. I have been a victim and it is a pain in the Bu__. Good luck
            Honesty Pays, Dishonesty Costs, ARE YOU IN DEBT


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              Thanks for the heads up on the id theft packet.

              As far as this being "straightened out" as I mentioned in my first post, I am aware that there is some work to be done to fix this. I just meant that it is straightened out enough that they are not DQing me from the process... They now realize I am not the other person.

              Thanks again.
              Milwaukee PD


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