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Only Psych Eval and Medical Left!!!


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  • Only Psych Eval and Medical Left!!!

    Bear with me, this is my first post.

    First off, I wanted to thank the many on this site that have helped me answer my own questions about my LE background process. You are all amazing and look forward to joining the team here shortly.

    I have made it through the background and oral, and just signed a conditional offer with SBCSD. Last Thursday I took the Psych Eval test (good god it was LONG!!) and tomorrow I am meeting with the psychologist to go over the test.

    Question: At this point, is there still a chance of the psychologist shutting down the whole process because of how they read into the test? To me, I seem like a normal, good, family guy....but....I dunno, these psyche, brain-reading things can seem a little freaky to me!!!

    I think that I may be just worrying over nothing. Just the psyche tomorrow, then my physical next Tuesday....then, if everythings's off to the academy in July!!!! It has taken me 1 year to get to this point, I would be EXTREMELY disappointed if I was shut down at this point.

    Thanks again.......

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    well, how did you make out?


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      Sounds great! But post how you did

      Good Luck


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        Sorry, been out for a few days. Ok....met with the psychologist and she asked me a bunch of questions about my childhood, family, prior abuse, things like that. What threw me off though, was when she told me that it seemed as though I came off a little "too good" in my test answers. She went back through and asked me a couple of questions directly from the test that she felt may have been a problem. One of them was "I show no regard for my personal health or well-being........answer: TRUE". I about fell out of my seat because I remember that question and I KNOW that I answered FALSE!!! Of course I care about my health and well-being. I thought for a second that their Scantron machine was broken. There were a couple more that were similar in nature, all of which were wrong. I think that she may have been trying to trip me up in my answers and test me. It pays to be honest.

        I went to take my physical this past Tuesday, still awaiting the results. I had to take a 2-part TB test which means that I have to drive an hour each way, 2 times per week, for the next two weeks to get stuck with a needle and have them look at my arm to determine if I have TB or not. It's all in good fun....whatever it takes to get through this process. I am so close.


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