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VERY LONG background. LEO opinions


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  • VERY LONG background. LEO opinions


    Ok here we go. I didn’t expect this to get so long but it has turned into a three page tell all. Sorry for the long read but I will really appreciate it. Especially Phoenix PD.

    I can’t remember exact dates but they get close. EDIT: I am now 24 and have been in the AF for six and a half years.

    When I was much younger (10-12 ish) I was brought home by the police for stealing from target. To my knowledge nothing came from it (Probation, fine)

    When I was 12-14ish my mother got divorced, we moved and she got a new boyfriend. Over a period of 2 years, my mother called the police on me several times for this and that I was a handful and didn’t come home some nights and didn’t listen to her other times so she would call the police to try to get me arrested. To my knowledge, I was never “arrested” or charged with anything.

    When I started high school, I got in with a bad crowd and started doing bad. I stopped going and when I did make it I didn’t try and was expelled for smoking cigarettes in the bathroom (caught a couple of times) I know stupid. I was then sent to a continuation school where my performance was not much better. I contacted the continuation school for all the records they have on me and hopefully they will come soon.

    Anyways this goes on for my 9th grade year in high school. Most of the way through my mother decided to move in with her boyfriend and take the family with them to a neighboring town. However she did not take me because her BF didn’t want me in his house (See above why) and left me to fend for myself for 3 or 4 months and during this time I didn’t go to school.

    Some time there, I was caught shoplifting from Albertsons. I was taken to the sheriffs’ station where they called my mother to pick me up. My mother was purposely “unavailable” and after a LONG wait for her, the sheriff took me to Juvenile hall where I stayed overnight. My mother picked me up in the morning. I never had to go to court, pay a fine, or do community service.

    Then the house was being repossessed so I had to move and move to a neighboring town with a friend of the family. I was living there, going to continuation school because I didn’t have enough credits to go to regular school, and working. During this time, I didn’t really try at school and was more worried about working/eating. This went on until I was aprox 16 when child services found out I was living on my own and I was emancipated.

    Ok done with most of the bad.

    When I was 17 I found out about Grizzly Youth Academy (GYA), for those of you in Central California you might know about it. GYA is a voluntary (The kid has to WANT to go) 6 month in-resident program very in-kind to boot camp. It is run by the Army National Guard and it kicked my ***. Anyhow, I was 17, realized that I wasn’t going anywhere so I signed up, and went to GYA. While there, I obtained my GED and learned some much needed discipline.

    I graduated GYA early December when I was 17. I turned 18 in January and signed up for the Air Force. I had to wait until Mar to go to basic so I filled the time working with my uncle.

    When I was 18 and stationed at Phoenix I got a speeding ticket for 10 over on the 101. I went to traffic school and was done with that one. About a year later, I was going to Sedona and received a “Warning” coming down a hill too fast.

    After that, I went to Korea, Middle East, and Japan for the next 4 years.

    On one trip back to Northern CA for school, I had an incident with my wife. We were out at a local bar and got pretty drunk. She caught me looking at another woman and was ****ed off the rest of the night. When we got to the hotel room (On a military base), we continued fighting and I called the police on her because I was in a Hotel and didn’t want to HAVE them called on ME. So, after I called the police they separated us and were talking to us separately, then one officer comes out and asks me if I have anything to say to which I reply no. He puts me in handcuffs and takes me down to the police station. I was told I am being charged with Sexual assault and assault. So she made it up and had me in handcuffs for about 8 hours straight. The outcome of which (Straight from an OSI agent)

    Disposition Description: Dismissal on 21 Sep 06

    Incident Clearance Reason: VICTIM refused to cooperate

    No Action Taken: Uncooperative VICTIM

    I left Japan for Holloman New Mexico and on my way; I stopped to see family in CA. I bought a new car and started driving to New Mexico.

    On my way, I received an “Excessive Speed” ticket for 25 over. I am not making an excuse for my actions, they were just that, my actions however when asked by the BI, panel this is my response (Not excuse);

    I was driving at night, in a new automobile and was extremely tired. I wasn’t paying attention, going down a large mountain and just was going way to fast. I realize now I should have just stopped and gotten a hotel.

    I am now in New Mexico and I have not gotten into any trouble but I have had to call the police on a couple of girls.

    First incident: A girl caught me looking at another girl (I know I really need to get better at looking without getting caught) and proceeded to throw drinks on me as well as Smirnoff bottles and beer bottles and anything else she could get her hands on. So she followed me to my house and I didn’t want her there so I called the police and just asked them to take her away. I didn’t say about the bottles because I didn’t want her arrested just away.

    Second incident: I was having a social gathering (party) at my house and one of my subordinates wife’s showed up. They were going through problems so I let her and her friends stay (big mistake.) So everyone is having a good time, I am fairly intoxicated and then she starts flipping out (she is pretty mental) and slapped a couple people, throwing $hit so I called the police on her to just get her out of my house. The police take her away and that is that until the next day. Evidently she was ****ed and called her husband (my subordinate) and told him that we were having and affair and it had been going on for a while (Something she had done a few times before). Well he gets ****ed off, tells my whole chain of command that I am having sex with his wife, and drags my name through the mud. The only reason I bring this up is that I don’t know if he went to OSI and told them what she said and put me under an investigation.

    That is all I can remember that might be negatives to show up on my background check. However, while I am calling the DMV to find out about my tickets they tell me there is no record of me having tickets. The guy checked 3 times, went onto the national database, and said I have no record. I am still going tell the BI about it but I am totally oblivious to the dates (except the one in Oct).

    In addition, when I called the California Department of Justice and asked if they have anything about me, they said no. I told him about the things from my past and all he could say was “Ohh I guess they weren’t arrests.” Again, I am going to tell my BI everything I remember but I am not sure on the dates. What I wrote is what I remember.

    But it all boils down to this I have TWO shoplifting things and TWO tickets does this show I am not learning from my mistakes or can this be something that might be taken into consideration?

    I messed up in school but I joined GYA voluntarily to turn my life around. I am signing up tomorrow to take a math class that will give me an associate’s degree. Does this show learning and trying to make myself better from the past?

    And about the crazy women (I seem to attract them) do they all together shine a bad light on me?

    If it makes any difference at all, I am going to be applying in Phoenix and surrounding areas so if officers around that area can give input that would be especially helpful.
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    You don't say anywhere in there how old you are or how long ago your service was, that could definately make a difference.

    Trouble seems to follow you around. You have made some decisions to better yourself ( GYA, USAF), so that's a plus.

    The tickets I wouldn't worry about, and since you were young the shoplifting may not either. However, the fact that you've had to call the police on so many different occasions because of people you were hanging out with means you don't always make wise choices in the people you surround yourself with, which could definately look bad. Cops get fired because of women troubles ALL THE TIME, most departments aren't going to want to take a chance on someone who has had a lot of women troubles coming in.
    Also a lot of departments really shy away from people who have been arrested because of Domestic Violence (even though the charges were dropped you were still arrested). I definately wouldn't say it's not going to happen for you, but if it does happen it's going to take a few tries.
    I'm assuming that you're still in your early 20s, so if that's the case you may think about finishing college. That way, even with your kind of checkered past, you'll have 4 years of college and 4 years of military... which obviously looks good.


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      Sorry about that one.

      I am 24 and I have been in the military for six and a half years. By the time I get out of the military I will be 25 and have 7 years in.

      Thanks for the info chris, I appreciate the very long read.


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        LEO Opinions

        The best thing you have, and will have going for you, is your Military Service. That will stand as pretty good evidence that you've turned your life around for the better. As you go into the hiring process, the next best thing you'll have going for you, along with Military Service, is honesty. When you fill out your SPH, or Background Packet, remember there is no such thing as an expungement of any juvenile, traffic, or adult criminal record. LE Background Investigators can access ALL of your records. If you fall into the temptation of ommitting, or not fully disclosing any arrest(s) etc, you can be almost certain that it will result in a DQ. You may have a shot at being hired.


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          Originally posted by StudChris View Post
          However, the fact that you've had to call the police on so many different occasions because of people you were hanging out with means you don't always make wise choices in the people you surround yourself with, which could definately look bad. Cops get fired because of women troubles ALL THE TIME, most departments aren't going to want to take a chance on someone who has had a lot of women troubles coming in.
          Also a lot of departments really shy away from people who have been arrested because of Domestic Violence (even though the charges were dropped you were still arrested).
          I was thinking the same. Anything domestic related can be very touchy. In addition, while you may not have provoked the situtations (and it's not a bad thing), you're calling the police to intervene.

          I definitely don't think you are out of the running. It's all life experience right? Try to keep your nose clean for a while and start applying.


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            U may want to chill out on the heavy drinking as it seems it does nothing but cause you problems
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              Federal Reserve Police

              Testing the blog,
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                Reply to Batman21

                I understand were your comming from Batman, I been there myself, we all feel guilty for the things that happend in our past and the new things that happen in our daily lives..We all make mistakes but we must face them and be men about them, confronting your issues will help you be a better man in the long run..I had my share of "Crazy women" and still seem to attrack them all the time..I was dating a newly non experience academy police officer now on the streets..Do the most bizzare things and she would drive drunk after the bars speeding and ending up barfing as she got to her town home..I had to witness and go through all the irresponsible things she did and yet she is supposed to be a "Police Officer" to protect and to serve not sure if I want to be helped by an irresponsible person such as this female officer who is in her late 30's, this is just an example of what I am still going through and trying to adapt and over come, just keep your nose clean and you will see good things happen to you..As far as the crazy women go, I wish you and I luck there are too many of them out there in positions of trust that should not be, but that is life..You will be fine..


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                  Well thank you all for your responses. The biggest thing I worried about was the totality of my background knocking me out of the process.

                  The sad thing is I dont really drink that much. It is not like I booze up every weekend it just so happens that it was involved in a couple of incidents. I am now going through the process of getting back in shape after an injury so I am not drinking, running and working out so that is not a problem.

                  As Far as the sexual assult, and everything else for that matter, I have been working on a detailed explanation to turn in with my background packet with what I wrote above as the basis.

                  Do you think this is a good idea? Should I write it like I wrote this thread but more of an essay format?


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                    Don't justify your actions in your application or BI interview, just admitt to them and take responsibility. If it's a learning experience, great, if it's a pattern of behavior it's a problem.
                    Honesty Pays, Dishonesty Costs, ARE YOU IN DEBT


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                      Well I sent a modified version of the above to the Mesa and Phoenix PD recruiters and was told by both there is nothing going to knock me out of the running.

                      Mesa told me even though no auto DQ’s because there are a couple things on there that the BI might mark it “Intensive investigation required” and move it to the bottom of the pile but I still have a chance!

                      Phoenix was a little more encouraging. He basically told me everything is over three years and the only thing is the SA charge. But I still got a shot.

                      Just putting it out there for anyone with a similar or not so bad background there is always a chance even with one like mine. A chance is a chance.

                      DetectorAZ, Of course I know I messed up and would only explain not justifiy
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                        Well I received some pretty bad news (or at least I think) yesterday. If you read my long background you will see when I was younger I moved and just did pretty bad. Well I finally received a printout from the juvenile department and it didn’t look good. If someone would like to see it, I can send it via e-mail but there are seven entries for my name in their system. After many hours of phone calls, I have determined that I have not been arrested for any of the offences but the fact remains there is an entry with my name on it.

                        Also I am not trying to justify my actions or down play them by any means but all of these incidences happened in a One year time from 11-96 to 10-97, 10 years ago when I was 14 years old.

                        Am I screwed for one bad (really) year, 10 years ago when I was only 14 years old?


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