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Hiring in the past 20-30 years


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  • Hiring in the past 20-30 years

    What seems to be the greatest hurdle in hiring you have seen in applicants 30 years ago in comparison to today? What are the most common hurdles todays applicants need to overcome in what I would consider a difficult time to become a police officer? Also, what can todays applicants do BESIDES keeping out of trouble to really differentiate themselves and drastically improve the odds of getting hired?

    This is for research purposes and input would be greatly appreciated. I have my own hiring faults and am striving to always better myself!

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    Can't speak for local or state. What I can speak on is what is impacting peoples security clearances (required for federal LE jobs). Finances tend to be the biggest problem, especially when the individual isn't making attempts to pay. Financial instability makes someone vulnerable to financial exploitation. The biggest thing that will make incoming generations unemployable in government jobs is student debt. With how much education costs, mixed with diminishing returns, people are finding themselves unable to make adequate payments, resulting in a defaulted loan. Many of the student loans are federal loans, so a default on it is looked at seriously. With my generation abuse of drugs, abuse of prescription medication is an ongoing issue during background investigations. I don't need to elaborate on the drug usage topic, its a tired debate.

    The central point I am making is that in the next 10 to 15 years, you will see a severe deficit in needed government personnel because of just those two issues, along with whatever else a person has in their background. For Federal LE, they are coming up on a mass exodus of mandatory retirements, and are having trouble with getting people applying. Now mix all of this with government pay being lower than the private sector, and you have less people initially applying across the board.


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      Wow! I had no idea! I left the Army and have a bankruptcy and finding it difficult for hiring! My TS/SCI is active even after that and I do some SCIF escort stuff. But, yeah I can definitely see how that is a big deal for this generation! Definitely fall into what you’re talking about.

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    Are you having a hard time getting hired on the federal side or the local agency side?


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      As for 30 years ago, I can only go by what I heard from older officers (many now retired) when I got into the profession. No doubt, much like today, the guidelines varied greatly by agency and area. But one of the common traits I noticed was that if someone was coming out of the military, it gave them a great leg up on getting into law enforcement. It also seems like there was far less background scrutiny.

      When asked for advice on getting hired as a LEO, my advice usually includes the following points:
      1. If you have something negative in your background, allow ample time (like several years -- the bigger the negative, the more years) between the last incident and your application. Be honest about it, and exhibit what you learned from it and its positive impact on your current life.
      2. Maintain a stable, successful employment history -- WHAT you do is far less important than HOW you do it.
      3. Develop a good family life with positive, fulfilling relationships.
      4. Volunteer your time for worthy causes. If you show you're willing to help people for free, it's a good bet you'll do the same for a paycheck.
      5. Learn as much as you can about each agency you apply to; the more you know about a department, the better you'll be in interviews and the more likely you'll be to land in a place that makes you happy.

      Good luck.


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