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Any military retiree’s?


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  • Any military retiree’s?

    So in my other post about choosing between departments I left something out. Upon further thinking, I am curious if anyone has dealt with having Tricare in addition to a city’s offered health insurance.

    One agency offers health insurance fully paid by the city, while the other basically covers half the cost. They both offer a waiver where you get paid a couple hundred a month, well one is about $200 and the other is about $450. I’m not really interested in the money too much. My main question is the health insurance worth it if I am already covered under Tricare? My understanding is the city’s insurance will become primary and tricare will be secondary.

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    I can't comment on how those 2 particular insurance coverage plans work as every plan can be different. I can tell you how it works for my agency and state insurance plans. For state employees and state retirees insurance is provided at no cost. The state plan will pay the majority of the bill with some co-pay. Depending on the plan you choose the amount of co-pay can vary. State insurance is the primary, Tricare is secondary. I have Basic Tricare which does not cost me anything. Whatever amount the state plan doesn't cover is then sent to Tricare and they will pay all or almost all of the difference.
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      It depends on your department’s specific plan, but I waive health insurance and only use tricare.

      In my specific case I already have a pretty hefty healthcare team being diabetic and having some other problems: endocrinologist, podiatrist, ophthalmologist, etc and using the towns insurance with tricare would mean changing some of those and finding someone who took both tricare AND town insurance. Wasn’t worth it.

      For others it may be worthwhile.
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