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A little too honest.....


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  • A little too honest.....

    I'm in my second time trying to get on the Nebraska State Patrol and have gotten a conditional offer. This morning I went in for my polygraph and didn't want to risk anything keeping me from getting my badge. So I divulged EVERYTHING during the pre-poly interview. During that process I mentioned that I have about 15 pieces of pirated software on my computer. The administrator asked me about how much the software was worth and I said about $900 or so. I'm in the process of buying legitimate licenses for all of them, just haven't gotten it done yet. I no longer pirate software and I have never distributed what I have.

    Well I got hooked up, went through the questions and came out looking great. I told the truth no matter what and my graphs were solid. He looked at them with me and said it looked very good. I told the truth, after all. But then he told me that due to my admitting the software he will need to call the recruitment coordinator to see if I am allowed to continue in the process. Needless to say, I am pretty bummed out that being honest is what is threatening my acceptance. I know I made mistakes but am correcting them as fast as my money will allow me.

    Any suggestions on where to go from here? Is there anything I can do or say that can persuade them that I am no longer doing that and am making amends? Or am I screwed?

    Oh, and the real kicker is that of all the questions he asked while I was hooked up, not a single one of them had to do with the software. I could have not told him, answered the official questions, and had no problem passing. But if I am knocked out for telling too much of the truth then so be it. I've had worse happen to me.
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    whats the dollar amount for felony theft. I think 900$ is getting pretty close.


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      Too Honest

      Obviously, your answer is going to have to come from the Nebraska State Patrol. The pirating of any material can constitute theft, and yes, it could very well be a problem. At this point, all I can suggest is that you discuss your situation with the Recruiter, or the Background Investigator. At the end of the day,I can only guess concerning your situation. My guess could be in error, and thus, of new real use to you.


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        Well, upon taking stock of the programs I have not yet purchased a license for I realized I overshot my estimate by a long way. Instead of 15 I have 8 and the dollar amount is $410. I sent this information of the my recruiter and my polygraph examiner. We'll see how this pans out tomorrow and I'll let you know.

        I still can't believe I was this stupid...
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          I think you're beating yourself up a bit much over this. The fact is most people have pirated software, rather it be on their computer, or music, or whatever. Could it DQ you? Sure it could. But I'm gonna say that from most agencies if that was the only issue it wouldn't.


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            im dumb to technology,but i do know that YOU DID THE RIGHT THING.they can think back on that.....................and accept you or not,dont hold it against any dept or anyone.honesty is pure.past mistakes can eat you alive or pave thr way. I APPRECIATE HONESTY....good luck


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              I dunno, it seems that any law enforcement agencies dont like any kind of theft. Seems like your chances of getting hired would be better if you got a DUI or admitted to smoking pot 25 times. (just seems that way)
              I was recently non selected (not disqualified big difference w/ agencies in Southern Cali) for juvenile misdemeanor theft that I admitted to (I didnt get caught/arrested) on my pre-poly questionaire. Total amount stolen $200 in 3 several occurances 15 years ago @ age 15. I passed my poly, passed my backgrounds but then was shot down by the hiring board during selection.
              Looks like its an uphill battle for both you and I. Now that I'm applying at other agencies I feel that the other agencies will see my non select and follow suit.
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              Medical/Written Psych - 09/27 PASSED
              Backgrounds - In Progress
              Oral Psych - TBD
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                I'm still waiting to hear back from the polygraph examiner, although it looks rather hopeful I think. I got a call yesterday from a friend of mine who I admitted to owing $10 from a loan and haven't repaid yet. The investigator called him late Friday afternoon to verify my story. Rather encouraging to me as I thought they would not be investigating it if they were going to kick me out of the process. I admit the software was entirely the wrong thing to do and am going to change it when I get the money to buy all 7 licenses. Hopefully that will count for something.
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                  I guess they are gonna have to send me to the chain gang,
                  for every vhs tape i copied tv programs from,

                  cassette tapes from the 70's
                  dvd's i burn all the time
                  cd's we burn !!!

                  send me to club fed..after oct 2008...!!!!!!!!!!!!
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                  " if you walk in your sleep, forget where you came....


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                    Ok, an update -->

                    On Monday I got a letter stating that I was no longer in the selection process and that they wished me the best in my future endeavors. \

                    Then today I got a call from the Recruitment Coordinator asking me if I was still interested. Turns out this year many of their first choice applicants have the same background issue as I did and admitted to it in the polygraph interview. Since I was the first they immediately rejected me but when the others had the same problem they realized they had no standard, precedent, or rule about the subject because they had never faced it before. So to be fair about it they have let us back into the process. I hate the way I got back in is because of technicality, but I guess that is better than nothing.

                    2 days ago I had purchased my licenses and had gone legit which I had planned on anyway. I never intended to never pay for them, I just wanted to make sure it was something I was going to use before I bought. And now it seems that paid off.

                    All that stands in my way is the psych eval and the physical abilities testing which I can pass with ease. Thank goodness for second chances!!!!
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