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    I just talked to my BI and he said that he was going to come for a home interview. This is the first one Ive had and none of my buddies have had one either. So if I could get some info on what is asked, what I should wear, is he going to talk to just me or my parents also (live with them). Anything special about this one that the other interviews lack. All help will be appreciated.

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    Here is my experience with home interviews since I have had 2 of them.

    The first one was with a senior investigator and all he wanted to do was sit on the couch and talk. No tour, nothing big, just chat. The second one was with a rookie who had never done a BI. He opened my refrigerator, my cupboards, my medicine cabinet, my closets, looked in my shower, opened my desk drawers, and looked in every room. Then sat and talked but it wasn't the pleasant experience of the first home interview. Guess it all boils down to who your BI is and what they want.

    All I wore was slacks, button-down shirt, and a tie. Didn't think the full suit was quite appropriate but didn't want to be too casual. They showed me respect by coming in uniform so I figured I'd show them respect by wearing a tie.

    A little suggestion, though. If you have ANY firearms or ammunition make sure to lock them in a cabinet out of sight or take them someplace else. My second BI freaked out when he saw one of my disassembled AR15's on my workbench. His muscles tensed and he was clearly uncomfortable by the reading of his body language. I don't know why because he was between me and the unloaded disassembled weapon. Plus he was carrying. Don't know if it will apply to you but wanted to let you know just in case.

    Hope everything goes well for you and keep us posted!
    NSP Class 52


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      Home interview

      The BI coming to your home is fairly common. He/She wants to take a look at how you live. Basically, have the place clean, and in fairly decent order. Dress? Casual, as in decent slacks, polo shirt, or something on that order will be fine.


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        I have to agree with PhilipCal here... The BI is checking on how you live. The visit is for you and not your parents. It is my recommendation that your folks be out of the home taking care of personal business when the BI calls.
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          the B.I. guy, i seen that in this forum, is that a regional thing
          or more common for bigger cities...??

          being on my 2nd agency and soon to retire,

          being in fla, they sent letters to the former employers,
          and i believe i listed 3 references that they sent letter's to,

          psyc dr
          sworn in

          23 yrs and 8 months later, still kick butt and takin names....

          under my a.k.a. dep doolittle...........
          " if you talk in your sleep, don't mention my name....
          " if you walk in your sleep, forget where you came....


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            add to that

            I have a condo I share with my sis, but I am always at my Girls house. About 98% of the time I live at her place. Will they want to go to both places? Just mine? Just hers? Thank you in advance


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              Home interview

              Originally posted by kramco View Post
              I have a condo I share with my sis, but I am always at my Girls house. About 98% of the time I live at her place. Will they want to go to both places? Just mine? Just hers? Thank you in advance
              The visit will probably be to the residence you listed on your application/information.


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