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Got a speeding ticket the way to polygraph !


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  • Got a speeding ticket the way to polygraph !

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    Originally posted by tblair64 View Post
    Graduated the police academy a few months ago in Florida.
    started the hiring process for a Sheriffs Office in Florida.
    The last thing on my hiring process was my polygraph, on the way there I got a Ticket for speeding, Technically a "Federal Violation" because it was on a federal road. I was excessively speeding . That cop was a major dick.
    Anyways told my recruiter. Next day he calls me and tells me I violated policy and procedures and can no longer go on with my application.
    Ive applied to other agencies in the past 2 months and non of them have called me or emailed me back.
    My LEO certificated is good for 4 years in the state of FL.
    The Sheriffs Office said i could reapply in 1 year with them.
    Any tips ?
    Don't speed
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      Sage advice...

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    You were speeding, but the cop is a dick. Got it.

    Tip: find a different career field, one that doesn’t require you to take responsibility for your own actions.
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      Not just speeding but "excessively speeding."

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    Your first post is that you were speeding and the cop was a dick. Who you gona call a dick when your background investigator finds your post in his social media search. You need to mature more before you consider LE for a career.


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      Originally posted by tblair64 View Post
      Any tips ?
      Don't eat yellow snow...


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        For those that don't know, there is a 9/10 mile section of U.S. 27 in Broward County that has been used by street racers for top speed competitions for at least the last 20 years.

        And when I say "top speed", I mean it- they use GPS to accurately record their top speeds, which were regularly breaking 200 mph back then, and have gotten a LOT faster since.

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