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LAPD DQ How do I appeal?


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  • LAPD DQ How do I appeal?

    I was DQ after submitting my PHS with the LAPD. I am a veteran with a clean record. Last ticket was in 2001. Back in 1993 I used acid and had a collections from Penn State which I already paid. What recommendations do you have for my appeal letter. I already have the letter from Penn State with proof of paid in full and is updated on my credit score. My new credit score is over 740, Besides the lack of judgement in 1993 of trying acid I have never used any drugs including weed. I have letters of recommendation from previous coworkers including a letter from my brother who is a 24 year LAPD officer.

    Thank you

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    In many places, mine included, acid and similar drugs are lifetime DQs no matter how low the number of uses.


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      Originally posted by careerchange#2 View Post
      In many places, mine included, acid and similar drugs are lifetime DQs no matter how low the number of uses.
      My agency also. What is keeping you from applying elsewhere? I would strongly suggest this. It's always good to be flexible.


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        If hard drugs are a permanent DQ, there isn’t any appeal recourse.

        Check their website.


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          Generally speaking, there are only two legitimate basis for an appeal:

          1. The information used to justify your disqualification is incorrect or in error. In such a case, you correct the misinformation in your appeal.

          2. The criteria used for disqualification has no reasonable relationship to the job you are seeking (i.e., it is arbitrary and discriminatory). A good example might be disqualifying someone from a position as a dishwasher because they do not have a degree in advanced electronics. In that case, you show that the criteria for your DQ has no valid relationship to the job you have applied for.

          If you situation doesn't fit either of these criteria and you just want a second bit of the apple, you'll simply be spinning your wheels.

          Disqualifying someone who has used hallucinogens is not unusual, out of a legitimate concern that they will be placing an armed person in public who may be at risk of unpredictable flashbacks. If that was their criteria for DQ, I can't think of any legitimate grounds for appeal.
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            Most agencies are going to consider hallucinogenic drug usage as a hard disqualification due to possibility of flashbacks .

            You most likely can appeal until you are blue in the face and still face a no. way .
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              There's nothing to appeal- you did something that disqualifies you from employment as a police officer.


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