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    I recently got called to do my final steps with a PD and my academy date is soon. However, I am in the process with another PD department that has its academy date later on. I have not finished the final steps with the later academy date. I'm just wondering if I should pursue and get my foot in the door, or take a gamble and go to a department that might benefit me more. Thanks.

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    Take the first job that is offered to you.


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      When I was in process with two departments simultaneously one of them was well ahead of the other on the timeline (about 4 months). That department, let's say Dept A, was by most considered a step down from the second one but I was actually more interested in Dept A. I was in background at Dept A and told the backgrounder that I would go with whoever got me on first. I didn't expect to have to answer that question but Dept A asked so I answered. This was in about 2008. Very few agencies were hiring. It seemed obvious to me. I was serious and would have liked working with both agencies but preferred Dept A which was further ahead in my processing. They both had their pros and cons. Dept A felt so strongly about being my second choice they discontinued my background once the second agency opened up my background. I was eventually hired by the second agency but it was a poor fit and eventually I left, later becoming a Fed as I am now. Dept A while further away and paying less was (IMO anyway) a much better fit. It was a sheriff's department, about 4-5 times the size of the other agency, I knew several people working there, I liked their management, and I felt more at home in the setting I would have been working. Had Dept A kept going with my background I would have been hired their first and I would have kept my word and started working there. I feel had that happened I would probably still be a local working for that agency.

      So long story short, if asked how you would go if offered a position at two agency's around the same time, make sure you have a good answer ready to go and it is convincing. Clearly I didn't make that sheriff's office comfortable enough to keep spending money on my process, or perhaps they figured that the other agency would get an offer out to me first and they would be left out. I ended up starting at the other agency about 3 months after I believe Dept A could have brought me on so I don't really think that is the reason but perhaps.


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        OK, you are fishing with two rods and two lines in the water. You have an active bite on one line; should you ignore that to see if there is a bigger fish on the second line?

        When I left the Army I received 4 job offers in a matter of a couple of weeks. Small police department, good sized city department, and two federal agencies. Two required that I relocate (with two children and a wife, house to sell, etc). One offered no relocation and a salary that was about 20% more than the other department.

        I made my choice based on what was best for my family and situation. Stopped looking in the rear view mirror 47 years ago.

        Opportunity seldom knocks more than once. Be ready to seize every opportunity that comes your way.


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          “I’d prefer to work for you, however, I have to be realistic and take the first solid job offer that I receive”.

          I got expedited through the BG and hired within a week. By the agency I really wanted. Later I was told that the Board appreciated the honesty and jumped me over three other guys.
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            Do you think asking department B how many chances look wouldn’t be a bad idea?


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              Bad idea. You don’t ask.
              Now go home and get your shine box!


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                Rule #1 is, "you never apply to a department you're not willing to work for." As long as you're following Rule #1, then Rule #2 is, "you always take the first job offer you get."

                Anything can and does happen in hiring...budget cuts, better candidates, "something" popping up during the background, etc. Nothing is guaranteed until you've accepted the job offer and are sworn in. "Holding out for something better" is a great way to end up unemployed in this profession.
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                  ^^^. Bing is right on that one. I was all set to start as a game warden in California when the state had a hiring freeze. I ended up staying in Colorado and the rest is history.

                  Apply to departments you want to work for, take the first job offer you get.... but don’t back out of any other processes until you pass the med and psych and get the “real” offer.
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