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Skype Video Job Interview - Legitimate or No?


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  • Skype Video Job Interview - Legitimate or No?

    Hello, I applied for a law enforcement position recently and I received a reply back stating I had made it through the initial application screening and I was moving on to the interview stage. What is weird to me is that they are doing the interview through Skype video conference. I've never had a law enforcement job interview through Skype before and it made me curious as to whether or not this is a trend.

    I also come from the mindset that if you don't go to the office and meet face to face, you are not serious about the position. But if all of the interviews are conducted through Skype then I guess it is fair. Regardless, I plan on dressing up in my nice suit and tie, make sure I am clean shaved, hair is nice and do my best to answer the questions I am asked.

    I guess my question is, are video conference interviews becoming more of a trend, and if so, any tips on how to prepare for them that would be different than an in-person interview?
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      I wouldn't doubt agencies going that way......................

      We do our initial appearances after arrest via GoToMeeting now........

      Originally posted by MN Cop Hopeful View Post
      I plan on dressing up in my nice suit and tie,
      I double dog dare you to be pantsless

      I am going out on a limb and wager that this is a SCREENING interview that is being used to separate the chaff out & you will have more in depth interviews later
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        Must be nice to have so many candidates that you need to conduct "weeding out interviews" via Skype...

      • Iowa #1603
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        If you have a lot of out of the area applicants it might be a good idea

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        And for our last question, could you please stand up?

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      Video interviews have become common in the private sector, so I guess it's not surprising that public agencies are starting to follow suit.

      Given the challenges most departments appear to be having in recruiting, making it easier to cast a wider net for candidates seems to make sense.

      As for preparation, I'd treat it as if you were doing it in-person -- Nice clothes, well-groomed, etc. One thing to be aware of is what's in the background of your camera's view. You don't want to be interviewing with the latest Easy Rider calendar on the wall behind you.


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        I applied for a command officers job and they used video interviews to narrow the field down.


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          I too have a Skype interview before. I don't think its that uncommon especially with departments that seek a lot of out-of-state laterals.. (Washington)


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            Perhaps they have a problem recruiting people with baseline tech capabilities and this is a form of a test. I don't see a problem with it. Better than having to travel for a day to get to a 15-30 minute interview.


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              It is my understanding they are becoming more common, especially for out of state candidates. I have heard of several departments using this method. As for any tips, no difference than an in person interview. Dress appropriately, have some knowledge about the department you're applying to, and speak confidently.
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                I have heard of phone interviews being done for certain fed jobs and for departments in Alaska, Skype is probably better so you can see if the applicant is running around in his pajamas and lives in a crack house.


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                  Originally posted by emtguy89 View Post
                  I have heard of phone interviews being done for certain fed jobs and for departments in Alaska, Skype is probably better so you can see if the applicant is running around in his pajamas and lives in a crack house.
                  First Fed job I ever was interviewed for was over the phone. That was in 2011. The hiring panel was spread out in multiple states is the reason I was told. In HS I applied for a nomination to a service academy from then Senator Barbara Boxer's office. They did my interview over the phone..Called me at work. Zero privacy and zero quiet space. It was a bit strange but it worked. I was nominated.


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                    Be prepared for technical issues as they always seem to pop up when it’s something very important.

                    - if you are using WiFi, try to plug your computer directly into the router as the connection will be faster and more stable.

                    - record a test interview so you can see how you look onscreen and how it sounds via audio.

                    - put the bong away if it’s in the background of the screen.

                    I can see this being a norm for smaller departments or as a weeding tool for departments who want out of state laterals. Plenty of good candidates have not applied to agencies because it’s too expensive to travel to and from the interview.


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                      -Whatever guns you own: put them on display so they can so they can see you are a *weapons guy*. Hang a Gadsden flag in the background so they know you don't take no lip from nobody.

                      -Get some Punisher stickers with the thin blue line and strategically place in your screenshot. This lets them know you are already part of the secret anti-hero society.

                      -Make sure there's nothing snowflake in the shot. What I mean is no empty bottles of Dogfish Head IPA or Dark Horse Blueberry Maple Stout.... only empties of Pabst or Budweiser. Get rid of anything weird, like pheromone body spray and DVD collection of hirsute porn.

                      -Do some smart intel on who is interviewing you. After you get the name of the interviewer, check out their social media presence for little clues about what they like and don't like. For example, Lt. Joe Smith calls you to arrange a Skype interview tomorrow. Then find his LinkedIn page, where you notice he graduated from the University of Wisconsin. Take down all your Minnesota Gopher swag and plaster your room with Badger crap. Then when he calls, watch his smile broaden when he sees you are a huge fan of his favorite team.
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                        Take down all your Minnesota Gopher swag and plaster your room with Badger crap.
                        Good advice for daily living, for anyone.

                        Go Bucky!


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                          I was in Seattle when I interviews by Skype for my current job in northern Colorado.

                          Most people would probably prefer to meet candidates face to face but sometimes that isn’t realistic.

                          Tip: If you’re wearing coat and tie but no pants, don’t stand up.
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