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Disappointed About My Background Investigation


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    Originally posted by careerchange#2 View Post
    What was the "undetected thing" you did when you were 12?
    i think the last time someone talked on this forum about an undetected thing they did at that age...well let's just say the K-9 unit might not be the right place for them....


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      Being permanently DQed isn’t because of a dirtbag brother or a forgotten speeding ticket. There’s something they found that makes you unsuitable to be a police officer at their agency, ever. You’re the only person who knows what that thing is.

      People get hired with DUIs, MJ use, misdemeanor convictions... there just has to be some separation between the event and your application, and some evidence of a turn around. This agency might be super strict but that’s again only something you know.

      The kind of things that result in a permanent DQ are usually felony convictions, DV conviction of any kind, serious drug convictions and untruthfulness n the hiring process.
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        Every agency has its own unique hiring guidelines. Some agencies are pretty strict. Others are somewhat lax. Keep trying, perhaps look at corrections, if you consider that an option.


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