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Is no news...good news?


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  • Is no news...good news?

    Just like many of the hopefuls going thru background right now I'm....waiting , waiting , and waiting. It's been 7 weeks now (not that I'm counting) and still no word. Now I realize that this process can take anywhere from a week , to 6 months. However , I was wondering if ,like myself , if you haven't heard anything , or received a letter DQ'ing you or otherwise could this be looked at as a good thing, bad thing or no thing at all!

    I'm not an expert on anything but I would (like to ) think that if there was something that would auto DQ me in my background that they would have dropped the hammer on me within a 7 week time frame??

    Any RESPECTFUL insight would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    You are going on 30. You have had, I would think, many jobs, schools, homes or apartments, etc. There is a lot more to go back and comb through for someone your age as opposed to someone who is 21, 22, 23. Also, if the agency isn't holding an academy for 6 months, expect them to take a little more time.


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      Good News

      You've actually answered your own question. It's not really possible to say catagorically that because you haven't recieved a DQ letter in seven weeks, that it won't happen. Waiting is perhaps the most difficult part of the process,but be prepared to do a little more.


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        They are preparing you for those times when you have to "sit on" a house or something while some plain clothes runs off to grab coffee, talk, get a donut, talk some more, type up the search warrant, get more coffee, talk, drive to the magistrate/judge, talk, share a cup of coffee, get the search warrant signed, talk some more, and drive back to your location.

        I don't agree with your opinion, but I respect its straightforwardness in terms of wrongness.


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