Hello everyone. I took the ICE Immigration Enforcement Agent test on 8 May, and the test proctor said that we would get our results in 4 to 6 weeks. That was great to hear since I have to go on active duty for three weeks starting Saturday at NTC. However, I got my results in the mail today. It only took them three days to grade it. I was wondering if this was normal...to be processed so fast, or if this is a good sign, or if I am just overthinking things. I was just worried that since they got my test graded so fast that the hiring and pre employment process was going to be quicker than expected. I am just super worried that I am going to get something in the mail that has to be taken care of quickly while I am out of town and I might miss my chance.

BTW I got an 87.3, since I couldn't use any veteran's points (no active other than training). Is that good or is that bad? And do you think that checking to be considered for female only positions will help me get in? Thanks!