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  • What are your thoughts?

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    What are Your Thoughts?

    Joe, obviously, the CHP Recruiter is better placed than I am to answer your questions. Regarding your High School. I would think that as long as your schooling met all the requirements of the State of California (credits etc) you'd be okay there. Be certain to take all the pertinent documents to the Recruiter. I don't see the citations being an issue, and the time as a CHP Explorer, while not an "in", certainly can't hurt. Down the road, you'll need to test well in the written,psych, etc, but I'm certain the Recruiter will touch on all of these. Good luck!!


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      Originally posted by JoeJimenez View Post
      Currently unemployed, Since 2004 I've had 3 jobs, and left with good standings ( I quit ).
      Your background looks good. The only issue is going to be with your employment. Most agencies like to see a history of steady and current employment. The fact that you left all employers in good standing is commendable, but leaving without having another job lined up could be an instability issue with regard to employment.

      Why did you leave the last employer without moving to another job? - Background investigation consulting & forums
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        Did you give two weeks notice when you quit?

        One agency I know of puts some importance on that as it shows maturity and responsibility to an employer you plan on leaving as opposed to up and quitting due to being ****ed off or not getting a day off you wanted and leaving the employer in a complete lurch.

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