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  • Written Exam Question

    Hi Everyone,

    I had the below question on a recent written exam, and I wanted to see what those of you who have worked LE thought.

    While on patrol, you observe a vehicle travel through an intersection, ignoring a stop sign. Upon pulling the vehicle over, the operator politely explains that his wife, who is in the passenger seat, is in labor. Upon observing this, what would be your next action?

    A) Call for EMS, and provide first aid in the meantime as needed
    B) Provide the vehicle a police escort to the hospital

    There is no other information available, as much as I'm sure we would all like there to be.

    I chose A. My thinking is that labor in and of itself, although painful, can be managed with the most basic care, such as positioning of the mother, warming the baby, ensuring a clear airway, and so on. In addition, the driver of the vehicle is already worked up and is in a stressful situation and has no emergency driving experience; even with a police escort, his driving still exposes the mother and baby to a significant risk of injury.

    I work as an FTO for an EMS agency, so I'm probably pretty biased in my answer. I'm not looking for the "right answer" to a question, as I've already received my score, but I do want to hear some LEO opinions on this matter.


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    B) only happens in the movies.
    You know the medical stuff.
    I look at it as complete liability to 'escort' the expectant couple.
    Driver has no EVOC training, other drivers are under no legal obligation to yield the right of way to him and he's driving recklessly.

    I Normally don't assist w/ test questions but you wrote you'd already chosen and just wanted opinions.

    And I'd be willing to bet that once you said you were starting an ambulance, the driver would change his story. The cynic in me.


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      Zeitgeist1 has the right of it. B is too much liability.


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