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    Hello, everyone. So I have an interview for a Juvenile Correctional Officer test in California. Does anyone know what questions may be asked ? Also, I’ve been using the same clothes for interviews, any colors you guys could throw in for ideas as to how I can dress.
    my other question was, what exactly is looked at in the background ? I am in the background step of the process and I was wondering how exactly so you pass a background ? What is needed in order to pass that phase ?

    thank you

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    I cant tell you much about the process for Corrections Officer, let alone Juvenile Corrections Officer. So far as background is concerned you pass it based on just that, your background. If the BI finds behaviors, traits, employment issues, or criminal behavior that is questionable or in violation of that agencies hiring standards you are disqualified.

    So far as what you wear is concerned the best thing you can do is go and purchase a decent charcoal grey 2 button suit. It is bay far the most versatile thing you can have as a young man. I looks great for job interviews, weddings, funerals, and will even work if you have to attend an event or party where they call for "cocktail attire". Wear it with a white shirt and a conservative tie and you should be fine. One more thing, make sure it fits, if its too big you look like you are playing dress up. Also make sure you shy away from this millennial idea of what I call the "Pee Wee Herman Suit" with a tight fit and highwater pants that show the ankles.


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      I was originally doing an “extra help” position for Juvenile CO, but I moved down the wait list and I did an interview yesterday for the permanent Juvenile CO position. I am currently in the process of a background, after the background it’ll be the Psychological and then the medical. Let’s see what happens


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        As wrong as it sounds, between academy and FTO, I was working on BIs. We were more of information-gatherers than actually making judgment calls. It was kinda like being a telephone survey guy, we called all of their previous employers and asked them some questions on a form, called their three (or was it five?) references and asked them some questions on a form, and called anyone that the people we called had suggested we should call.

        Questions were basically, how do you know the applicant? How does the applicant deal with stress? Does the applicant use drugs or alcohol? How does the applicant deal with people of a different race/religion/etc? Do you feel this person should be a police officer?

        Past employment would also ask of course, if there were disciplinary problems, tardiness, unexcused absence from work, things stolen from work, performance issues, and verifying employment dates. Probably the main thing in passing it is honesty. If you screwed up, just admit it, you can be fired from a job and still be a cop. There's always the chance the agency will ask for your employment files (we didn't) so don't omit work history just because you got in trouble somewhere. A few agencies even ask for your Social Security earnings statement that shows every taxpaying job you've had.

        People think it (and a lot of other stuff we do) is magic, and it really isn't, it's just common sense. You would be surprised at what kind of people actually apply though, people with numerous felony convictions, people who got fired from jobs for kiddie porn, all kinds of stuff. If there's five people there on interview day, you can be sure that 500 applied and probably half of them are legally barred from law enforcement.

        I wore a dark blue suit, white shirt, red tie. Get it tailored. Get some dress shoes. Don't wear white socks. Trim your fingernails, cut your hair, wear a watch.


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