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Police Academy and getting paid State of Texas


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  • Police Academy and getting paid State of Texas

    I currently work for the Sheriff Office here in Texas. I will not be disclosing what County. I work as a Detention Officer.

    My plan was to stay with the Sheriff Office as a Detention Officer for 18 months, then go to the Police Academy. Then work as a deputy in patrol. Then I ran into a problem,

    I love the Job in Detention and everyone I work with. However the pay is terrible. I have a family. I make 2,000 per month. I need to make $3,000 just to be able to afford to pay ALL my bills and have money for food.

    I have been working in Detention and working a part time job just to be able to get by. The worst part is they don’t pay you deputy pay, while your at the police academy.

    So the the idea of going through the police academy and working a part time job, is a big no. I can’t go through the academy for 5-6 months with 2000 per month. We would starve, and probably get evicted or something because we can’t pay our bills with that income. And I wouldn’t be able to go to the academy and work a part time job because the academy will take too much of my life with studying and making time for sleep and working a second Job. It’s just not possible.

    I really want to be a Police Officer, the job I know I will love and the pay will be rewarding for me and my family. We wouldn’t struggle anymore like I am now.

    - My question is is it possible for me to go to an agency that I wanna work that does not send recruits to the academy and me offer, to pay for the academy myself, and the aganecy sponsor me and put me on payroll and get paid While at the academy. Then graduate, and get hired as a police Officer.

    or - pay for the police academy myself and some how get paid while going to the academy without an agency?

    Like how how they pay you to go to college or university or something?

    Are any of these possible?

    The reason I am not wanting to become a recruit and take an exam and testing ect and all that is because even if I pass. I’ll get put on a list. And with that list, who knows when I’ll even get selected to go to the academy by that agency.

    Respectfully submitted thank you.

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    Let me see if I've got this straight...

    Your current department will pay you CO pay to go through the academy, but that pay isn't high enough. And you don't want to test at other agencies because you don't want to wait. So you want to know if you can pay your own way through the academy but have a department will pay you full-time pay and then hire you AFTER (IF) you graduate?

    Now, I'm not sure if Texas has self-sponsor academies or not, but generally you have two options...

    1. You get hired by a department, they send you through the academy, and they pay you whatever rate they pay employees in the academy (which is rarely, if ever, base patrolman's pay).

    2. You self-sponsor and pay your own way through an academy, then you apply for departments and get hired. For most adults, this means financial and/or time sacrifices, because you either have to work while going through the academy or take the financial hit because the academy is your full time job.

    No department is going to pay you to go through the academy before you've been through the hiring process. Departments who pay people to go through the academy aren't doing it as a charity or because they want to help...it's an investment and the department expects that person to complete the academy, become an officer for that department, and become an asset that pays for that investment over time.

    If what your current department is offering isn't good enough, then I'd tell you to do what countless other people who aspire to get into LE do...go out, take tests, go through the hiring process, and get hired by a department that will pay you to go through the academy. There's no instant gratification in this job. If you want it, you have to work for it.
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      Originally posted by StoneOffice View Post
      Like how how they pay you to go to college or university or something?
      I'm curious. How do they pay you to go to college? And who does the paying? I seriously missed out!

      The answer to your question is no. Neither of the scenarios you listed are possible. unfortunately, it may be too much of a financial hardship for you to pursue at this point.
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        Like how how they pay you to go to college or university or something?

        Other than Alabama football players, I don't know of anyone who gets paid to go to college (joking).

        Different ways people pay for college:

        -Family support
        -Student loans
        -Working part-time
        -Combination of all three

        Problem solve: figure out a way to make it work, because there is always a way to make it work.
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          I got home from Vietnam (second time) in 1971, got out of the army in 1972. I had been making about $850 per month (of which only about half was taxable, the rest being "allowances" for family, housing, etc). Joined a mid-sized city police department making $657 per month, all of which was taxable. After taxes, pension fund, and medical insurance came out my take-home pay was $192 every two weeks.

          My house payment was $182 per month, and I had a wife and two children to feed. I took on every side job, special assignment shift, extra duty job, whatever I could just to keep things together. Couple of years of horrible medical bills just about put us into bankruptcy, but I stuck it out and paid off everything over several years.

          Saved my pocket change every day so I could go deer & elk hunting each year without taking money out of the family budget. In a good year I would put 200-400 lbs. of good red meat in the freezer (bought on sale and time payments), otherwise my kids wouldn't have known what red meat was all about.

          Take a sharp pencil to your budget and expenditures and I will bet that there are a lot of things you can do without, if you are willing to make a commitment to your future.

          PS: 47 years later I am retired, debt-free, with over 1.5 million in savings and retirement plans. It doesn't happen overnight and nobody is going to give it to you.


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            Your options don't seem viable. If you need to make more money while in the academy, you need to get hired by an agency that pays recruits while they are in the academy. Actually, you just need to go somewhere to make more money period.


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              Ask your sheriff if he will send you to the academy in exchange for a contract and you can work as a certified jailer?

              Apply to some huge dept like Dallas PD that probably pays a recruit more than a jailer makes after ten years?

              Cut out the extra things you don't need?


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