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  • Volunteering with the same Agency applying to...

    I'm curious as to everyone's thoughts on volunteering with the same LE Agency that you are in the process of applying to... Does it help? Does it hurt?

    I guess I can see it going two ways.. 1) By volunteering, you have potential networking situations that seems could only help in your quest to become a sworn LEO (if you're a decent prospect obviously!)... or.. 2) By volunteering, someone may feel that losing you as a good volunteer could hurt the department and may overlook you as a viable candidate if someone else just as good comes along..

    For departments that offer a variety of LE volunteering options, what's the best area to volunteer in? ie. Clerical (in the office during the day), Patrol (helping with DUI processing, etc), Crime Prevention/Community Service type areas... I can see benefits to all areas..

    Just wondering what everyone's thoughts on this are.. Especially interested in hearing from BI's or Recruitment related LEO's..


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    I don't see a problem with it. You may get some differing view points, but basically, I really don't see a problem. Why not talk to the Recruiter and see what he/she says.


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      A great way to get "seen" is to do just that... Volunteering at the agency you want to work for. Supervisors and officers can become familiar with you and they will be asked for their opinions about you when your applicaiton is processed.
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        I started out as a Reserve at the agency I wanted to work. Worked every Friday night (for free) for about a year as second officer in a car. Next time they tested, I made the top 10 and got hired. If you're a decent potential candidate, it can obviously help, but if you're a knucklehead, they'll see that, too.


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