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    I'm a noob here, and i would like your input. i know there are many posts that consist of "here are my pro's and con's," but i was hoping you could comment on my situation. for the past year, since i've graduated, i've been applying to local N.H. departments, and haven't had any job offerings. my question is, what can i do to improve my chances of getting on with these pro's and con's?

    -Associates in Criminal justice
    --passed Sig Arms basid gun safety class as part of associates
    -i'm an assistant manager of a 2.5 million dollar outlet store
    --to get there i've had 3 promotions in two years
    -i am married
    -havn't done drugs
    -i've done some martial arts

    -i've had one speeding ticket
    -one accitent
    -i only have fair credit
    -i have tons of debt, but its because i paid for my own wedding and honeymoon
    -i am only 22
    -ive only had two jobs that ive kept for longer than a year
    -i can't pass the fitness test...yet
    -my mother is suicidal.....i don't suffer from any psychological ailments

    any and all comments are appreciated. thanks.

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    Originally posted by thepheonix View Post
    for the past year, since i've graduated, i've been applying to local N.H. departments, and haven't had any job offerings.
    If you haven't had any offers, what have you received...(DQ's, "try again in six months" letters, etc...) and how far have you gone in the process?

    Your list of pros, looks good. Your cons on the other hand, have a few blemishes...excessive debt, and not being able to pass a PT test. With a little hard work, improving your PT, is a realistic goal. Your excessive debt, and not being able to clear it up, may be an issue
    "Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought" ~Henri Louis Bergson


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      Okay, the "tons of debt", and the "can't pass the physical fitness test", are the obvious problems that I see. In any application process, you're going to have to be pretty specific about your debt load, and the way you're currently handling it. Many agencies view the way an applicant handles debt, as an indicator of his/her overall responsibility. Physical fitness test. Quite a few applicants have some trouble with these, but it's usually something you can overcome by spending some time at the gym, or on the track. You'll need to work on those areas of the test you're having problems with. This usually requires a little dedication and self discipline. At age 22, you seem to have gotten yourself into a pretty responsible position at work. That's a plus. Continue to work at that. Make every attempt to bring your debt load down. You're going to probably have to make some sacrifices here, as in lifestyle changes, more time at the gym etc. YOU have to do that. At the end of the day, the question is, how bad do you want to be cop?


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        thanks for the speedy responses.
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          Can you recognize the problems you're having with the Oral Boards? Don't disclose that here. What I'm attempting to do, is get you to recognize what might be getting in the way of your passing the board. If it's your debt, hopefully, that will soon take care of itself. No one expects you or your wife to starve. In fact,there's nothing wrong with a nice dinner out,maybe once a month or so. You guys know what you have to do there. The sit-ups, you can pretty well build up to. Start out with maybe five. Slowly build up. It'll take a little time, and a little determination. It can be done. Hang in there.


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            i also have a tattoo on my right hand. i was contemplating on removing it, but its become a part of me. just wondering what you think my chances of getting on a department are if i keep it.

            also do you think going on a ride along is a good idea, or will i just be wasting the officer's and my time?
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              Depends what the tattoo is and how obvious it is. If it's big and/or really noticeable I doubt anyone's going to hire you. The bad thing about those tattoos is that there always out there on the "first impression". If it's small and you can kind of tuck your hand away for awhile, that will give the interviewers time to like you before there hit with the tattoo.
              Everyone's had some pretty encouraging things to say. I'm going to try and be gentle but honest. At 22 years old the debt looks real irresponsible, and they certainly don't want to see a 22 yr. old who can't pass a PT test. The employment history's definately a big problem(undependable,flighty, no stick-to-if-ness).
              The good part of the whole thing is, this behavior is common for young men. What they really are going to like is when your 25 years old and your able to say, look who I am now.
              Agency's really want to see some time between the cons and your application, Furthermore, they want to see what actions you took during that time to change your the cons. Being only 22 you have some time, take advantage of it. Now that you've decided what you want to do as a career. Spend the next few years making yourself a good candidate at any agency. This way when you do go for it, you'll be able to choose the agency instead of taking whoever accepts you.
              Do what's in your soul, if it's cop work, put the work in and good luck!
              "Will to Protect....Courage to Fight"


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