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Is my timing right?


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  • Is my timing right?

    Hi all. I sort of asked this question in another thread, but it was so jumbled and so unorganized that it really didn't make much sense, so I wanted to clear it up and get different replies. I appreciate to all of those who replied in the other thread.

    This is my current background:
    • Current Finance major at a SUNY School with over 85 credits (going into senior year)
    • Been employed by Target through high school and college for the past 4 years and 7 months
    • I have an absolutely clean record (window tint ticket (dropped), inspection ticket(waived), cell phone ticket(reduced to parking ticket), parking ticket). Those are the only marks on my record. Parking ticket was because I drove to a bar, left my car, and walked back to campus.
    • Tried marijuana two or three times at the beginning of my sophmore year. (Like I said, going in to senior year)
    • No other drug experimentation
    • No arrests, no record
    • Currently 21, 6'2" and 188lbs.

    I am getting ready to submit my application to take the Civil Service Exam.

    What I want to know is should I go ahead and take the exam now and attempt to get hired now, or should I wait? I interview very well and am a confident individual. Basically, is the time right for me to apply and begin the process, or is more time required for me? In a personal sense, I am ready to go and can't wait. However, in a logical sense, is there anything that should keep me from applying or cause me to wait?

    Also, entirely unrelated, but do parking tickets on a university campus translate on to my permanent DMV record? I have several on campus, written by students on campus employed by the parking office, or by the university police. The fine is $20.00 every time and I always pay the university. They don't do warrants or anything, and if you delay in payment, they simply put a hold on your account that won't allow you to register for classes or see your grades, so I would think this sticks only to the university. I wouldn't imagine they do, but anyone know otherwise?

    Thanks ahead of time!
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    Timing Right?

    If I was going into my Senior year, and that was going to result in a degree, that's what I'd concentrate on. The degree is always a plus. In taking the Civil Service exams, you might want to look at which agency is giving them, and when. The hiring process for most agencies begins with the written exam, and progresses from there. Look into some police internships in your area, possibly with the Campus Police. Regarding the campus parking tickets. Confirm this with your Campus PD, but I don't think any parking tickets go into your DMV Record. Failure to clear up the campus fines, can result in your not being able to graduate, or holding up your transcripts etc, untill you clear up the tickets.


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      You don't appear to have any major problems. You should be fine.

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        In many agencies, I believe that your recent (only two years ago) marijuana experimentation might be a little too close to the bone. The milestone 3, 5, and 10 years are a better gap.

        In that vein, spend the next year finishing your education. That will get you past the 3 year mark and make you far more attractive candidate than you are at this moment, IMHO.


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          Thanks for the replies all so far.

          As far as internships, I am currently doing one related to my major as a Financial Representative. So, to add to my resume there, beyond what I have, I will be a state licensed financial rep. I want to try an internship with one of the PD's in the area after I do this. I just don't have the time to put out to it right now.

          As far as the MJ use, I figured I would have to have at least 3 years. However, once I graduate I will have that 3 year gap.

          I figure it also couldn't hurt to take the exam and get my name out there. Is there any downside to taking the exam a bit early? I don't want to end up having to wait for four more years if thats how long they decide to make it until the next exam.
          "You miss one hundred percent of the shots you never take."
          -Wayne Gretzky


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