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Ok guys I need your help


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  • Ok guys I need your help

    The problem with me I cant put into "words" or rather a paragraph why I

    want to be a cop. They say writing is suppose to help So i wrote down a list:

    Action, Adventure, Something Different everyday, Chance for advancement in

    your career, Dealing with different types of people on a daily bases, Good

    benefits(medical.dental. ect.), Helping people that want help. So i guess my

    question is how can i help my self put into "words" what I need to say when

    they as me in my interview. I am not asking you guys to tell me what I should

    say because i know that you are not going to, and thats not what I want. Is

    there something that I can do to help me figure out what to say?
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    Just say it from the heart and mean it. I think people get too paranoid about these oral boards. Go in there and just be yourself and be honest. If thats not good enough then its not good enough. Let your personality show. If you have no personality then you may not get selected. That is going to be my approach.

    The thing is with the oral boards especially for police is there are no questions in which you need to know an answer for. What I mean is when I have went to the SGT's board in the military they ask about you and what not, but most of the questions are knowledge based.

    When going to a police officer board no qeustions are knowledge based. So I cant understand why people get so crazy about these boards. Just answer the questions honestly.

    For instance, I am sure one of the questions will be the one you are talking about. Why do you want to be a police officer ? Well for me I can only answer that with honesty. My answer will be that I looking for a stable job with longevity that offers good benefits, decent paying, and a good retirement plan. On top of that I will add that the perks of job are a bonus. Things like you get to deal with people, help others, it's different everyday, and you get to be a role model to kids. I am in a job right now where there are no benefits or retirement plan, so I am looking for those things first. To be honest yes I am looking for those even before the "I want to help people" statement. If you want to help people then go volunteer at a shelter, go be a volunteer coach ect... there are many things one can do to help people outside of being a cop. I think that is one of the lamest answers one could give and if I were part of any police board that would be a negative response for me. I would just think that the candidant is pandering to the board and not being truthful .

    Thats my .02


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