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  • Should I wait?

    Lets start off with the basic info... I am 21 year, about 70 credits, getting ready to graduate in one year with a degree in Criminal Justice. I volunteer as a basketball coach at my old high school. I have been at the same job about 5 years (Casa Bonita) . I have never used any type drugs..My down fall is in June of 2006 i was charged with driving without insurance.....In June of 2006 I purchase a car off of ebay. The private seller who i purchase the car from drop the car off at the worng address. I went to go pick up the vehicle and I was pull over. The vehicle had insurance on it , I just could not provide proof. i was pull over on Sunday night, meaning i didnt have the opportunity to pick up proof of insurance with the business being close..... I recieve a ticket and was summons to court... When I went to court I explained the story to the DA and he said that i need to plea not gulity and re-schedule my court date.... This wouldn't be a problem if i didnt play college basketball. I told the DA that this was my only opportunity because I will be leaving the state very soon. He said plea gulity and just pay a small fine and that would be it. Thats what I did......Should I wait or should I go ahead and start applying?

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    I'd apply, especially if your college is like mine where you don't have to pay till 6 months after you graduate. Could give you time to get some money to help pay off any loans or debt you owe.

    Besides, what's the worse the dept can do? Tell you to come back if you fail the written a few months later? Tons of depts out there bro, take your pick and good luck!


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      Should I Wait?

      If a citation for No Proof on Insurance is your only issue, it's not going to be an issue , as long as you took care of the citation. Go ahead and apply.


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        Apply. You'll be fine. And good luck to you!

        I don't agree with your opinion, but I respect its straightforwardness in terms of wrongness.


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