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Ok I have found all the info on me.


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  • Ok I have found all the info on me.

    I was looking through the military background packet that they completed prior to me going into the military. Here goes. Let me know if I should have a cause for concern. Thanks

    I turned 18 in March of 1993

    1994- 2 speeding tickets
    1993- Loitering/False info to a police officer. These charges were dropped in court.
    1998- This one is weird. I didnt even know that I had this. Theft. A video rental store said I didnt return a movie. This charge was dismissed. I have the official record from the prosecuter. It says that the charges were dropped because the merchant made a mistake. (This should not count against me if it was a mistake by the video store right ?)
    2001- Speeding ticket
    2004- Speeding ticket
    2006- Speeding ticket.

    That is what I have found for my criminal history and driving record in the past 14Years.

    I also have 60 semester hours of college and 4 years in the military(Honorable Discharge).

    Do you think I have too much of a record to continue ? Am I wasting my time ?


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    You best slow down, that's for sure. Also, a speeding ticket just last year? I know your driving record is a big deal where I'm from. I wish you luck, but you might have a few years to wait.


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      yes your driving record is not too good.. way too many speeding tickets. obviously you didn't learn your lesson the first , 2nd, 3rd time


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        Thanks, thats what I thought too. 3 tickets in 6 years is a bit much. I dont know what the heck went wrong... I went 7 years without a ticket then I went on a string of 6 bad years.

        Ok people what I am about to say may get me flamed but I am just being honest.

        I have always driven with the flow of traffic. I mean if the speed limit is 65 and every single car in front and behind you is cruising along at 70 then I usually would stay with the flow of traffic. I know this is still breaking the law. The last few years I have gotten tickets for basically staying with the flow of traffic. I know I know, dont give me the old saying well if someone were going to jump off a bridge would you jump too scenario.

        I also dont think this is an excuse but I can probably contribute some of the reason for the tickets recently to sheer driving a lot. Right now I am in a job where I am driving about 40K miles per year.

        I do realize that 5 speeding tickets in 14 years is not good. Just curious if any of you know of anyone with the same or more tickets getting an offer ?

        Once again thanks for the comments, I really appreciate any and all feedback. Whether I get an offer in the next year or 3 years from now, I think I have what it takes and some very good attributes for the job. I will someday get hired. I believe that.

        Just trying to stay positive !!!!!!


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          When I was in school, we had a BI come into our class and talk about Background Investigations. He mentioned a guy who was recently hired who had about 12 speeding tickets on his record in a 4-5 year period. Reason was during those five years, he was some type of traveling salesman driving from Maine to Georgia, 5 days a week, always on the road inbetween the two states. He even forgot to list some on his BI packet. But its not like he tried to hide them. And he said, if you got 12 speeding tickets when out for joyrides it would be a different story, but the department looked at his solid work history, education, references...ext... And he was a qualified canidate. So departments around here didnt have a problem with the tickets, because they were work related. He said that since your working, you got deadlines, and places to be, its only common sense you will get tickets if your on the road so much. So maybe since they were working tickets, you'll get more of a break. Goodluck to you


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            ok seriously, is 5 tickets in like 14 years really THAT big of a deal, or are you guys just ****ing with this guy??

            *** not a cop yet just need clarification
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              5 tickets in 14 years.


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                Originally posted by stangfather View Post
                ok seriously, is 5 tickets in like 14 years really THAT big of a deal, or are you guys just ****ing with this guy??

                *** not a cop yet just need clarification
                Actually, many departments are pretty strict on driving record. The reason is simply because driving is something that we as officers do alot and it's something that has a high possibility of liability attached to it.
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                  Bing, is the liability from accidents or just a cop speeding ? I know for a fact that I have been going along with traffic on the highway at 65-70 in a 65MPH zone and more than a few times had a cop just cruise right on by. Not chasing anyone or with the lights on. So what gives ????

                  I would think someone that has had 2 or 3 accidents would be more of a liability to the dept. than someone that has had a few speeding tickets over a 14 year period and NO accidents, ever.

                  I am not in LE so I really have no clue, I am just puting common sense into the equation. Thats why you see so many insurance companies giving discounts for safe drivers. They are now considering "safe" as in no accidents. Ultimately thats what costs insurance companies money. So if a guy has never had an accident, but a few speeding tickets I am thinking the insurance companies would rather insure the guy with no accidents. I currently have Geico as my carrier and I pay $115 per month for full coverage on a 2004 Jeep Liberty and a 2000 Lexus ES 300. I think thats a pretty good rate. I could be wrong though. What do others on here pay for auto insurance.

                  I know that may not be what LE depts. do though.


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                    Originally posted by mcurry5 View Post
                    I know for a fact that I have been going along with traffic on the highway at 65-70 in a 65MPH zone and more than a few times had a cop just cruise right on by. Not chasing anyone or with the lights on. So what gives ????
                    I am not a LEO either, but I'm pretty certain that they can be responding to calls not of an urgent nature and they are not allowed to run lights/sirens, but still need to arrive fairly quickly. Could be an explanation... maybe a LEO can set us straight..
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                      JT, I dont think so in these cases although I dont know for sure. They were just driving along like everyone else, with no real sense of urgency. But your right, that could be the case. I was just trying to make a point about the difference between speeding and accidents with regard to liability.

                      I also believe there are different situations as well. I do think there is a huge difference between someone out there flying in and out of cars joy riding with friends and someone like myself who is just keeping up with the flow of traffic. I know both are illegal though. I am not sure if what I am trying to say is coming through.

                      I am not trying to skirt by the law, I just think there are different types of speeding. Of, course the BI probably will not care one way or the other. Speeding is speeding is speeding...


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                        Originally posted by mcurry5 View Post

                        Speeding is speeding is speeding...
                        Correct! However, there are hundreds lame excuses for speeding, and "I was driving with the flow of traffic!" tops the list.

                        I live near the CA I-15, where the posted limit is 70mph. On any given day, the flow of traffic is about 100mph, yet I manage to drive the speed limit. If you really wanted to, you could too.

                        Two things if you ever want to make it into LE: 1) cool your jets, 2) lose the excuses
                        "Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought" ~Henri Louis Bergson



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                          cool my jets ? I am sorry if I came off as upset. That is not the case. I was just having a back and forth dialog with everyone. Also, I was not making an excuse and trying to get out of a ticket, that is already done. I was simply stating the situation behind my ticket, which I do think is different than someone switching lanes,passing cars, and speeding for the sake of enjoyment. You don't see a difference between the two ?

                          Also, I don't think anyone answered the question of which is worse. Someone who has multiple accidents or multiple tickets. Or are they equivalent ?


                          ExCompton: I am sorry if I came off as upset or rude, that was not my intention.


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                            ExCompton, I also think that your analogy is slighty skewed. I think there is a difference between going 100mph in a 70mph zone and going 70mph in a 65mph zone.


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                              I think what he meant is that you need to be very careful that you don't attempt to excuse those speeding ticket were someone doing a BI ever ask you. "Why were you speeding?" and the answer is "I was speeding." That's something that is, IMHO, very important and it's the understanding that excuses tend to please no one but the one giving them. When you mess up, you've messed up, don't try to explain it, it only makes it worse.

                              Now, per your original question. You probably wouldn't have a problem here with the speeding tickets in so long as you when asked, you didn't have fifty-eleven excuses. It's the three tickets in six years that gets noticed. Also, check your credit as well.

                              I don't agree with your opinion, but I respect its straightforwardness in terms of wrongness.


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