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Painkiller Drug Use Question


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  • Painkiller Drug Use Question

    Just over a year ago I went on a camping trip and in the course of roughing it I fell and got hurt (a broken rib, fingers, pinched nerve). At the time I didn't have medical insurance and was quite a ways out from civilization. My mother was there and happened to have some Vicodin gave me some, which I took as it was going to take half a day to get to adequate medical attention (we were waaaaay out there) and the pain was extreme and completely unbearable.

    Will taking this non-prescribed Vicodin in this emergency situation effectively count as a disqualifier for law enforcement organisations? Later the doctor prescribed me a legit prescription for percoset. In my 27 years I have never taken ANY controlled substance, narcotic or illegal drug in the past.

    I'd appreciate anyone who could shed light on this question, thank you.

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    Painkiller Drug Use Question.

    Obviously, I can't speak officially for any department. What's going to happen, is that at some point in the hiring process, you'll be asked concerning any illegal drug use. Answer honestly, and provide the explanation you've provided here. It may or may not be a DQ depending upon how an agency views the situation you described. I wouldn't let it keep me from applying though.


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      Thanks for the feedback. I've always done my best to be a law abiding citizen and stay away from drugs, even when all of my friends and even family didn't. So a DQ for this, when I was physically injured and couldn't immediately afford to get immediate medical attention for a legitimate medical injury would particularly sting, wouldn't be suprised though!

      Thanks again!


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        Be honest about it, but I wouldn't lose sleep over it. I did the same thing a couple times when I had migraines and I had no problems getting hired.

        Just tell them what you did and why and don't sweat it.


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