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My history, please critique.


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  • My history, please critique.


    I am currently in the process of applying for what I never thought would be my dream job. I have all of the enthusiasm and dedication to join the ranks of this respected position. However I have a few questions regarding my chances due to my past. Any kind of feedback would really give me a lot of answers to whether I should really set my sights on this.

    The good...

    1. I currently work
    ... for the Seattle Times Newspaper as a Warehouse Manger.
    ... on the night shift.
    ... as a manager of a small staff of 5 to 6.
    ... I run the largest distribution center in the State.
    ... with ~270 different newspaper carriers on any given night.
    ... I report daily and monthly to four supervisors.
    2. I volunteer at a local animal shelter for two hours a week since December '05.
    3. I have completed 75 credits toward my two year associates degree.
    4. Independently ran my own landscaping business for a little less than a year previous to this.
    5. I am willing to do whatever it takes to fulfill this dream.

    The bad...

    1. Drug use...
    ... I have smoked pot about 3-5 times in my life. The last time in '02-'03.
    ... I have taken Valium's not prescribed to me 2 times. Last in '06.
    2. I was apparently arrested at the age of 16 for assault 3. I shot another youth with a paint ball gun. I was not convicted but signed a diversion agreement and completed an anger management class. (never taken to court)
    3. I have one deferred speeding ticket. Which was successfully deferred.
    4. I have two small collisions. One dropped ticket from one of the accidents.

    My biggest concern is the drug use in the recent past. Had I known what I finally want to do with the rest of my life I know now I would have done things a lot differently. It would be awesome of some of you could give me your opinions about my history.
    I've got a ton of other questions but I'll let those wait till a little later.

    I’m not sure if this is good or bad but I’m 23 years old.

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    Most places want at least 5 years between Marijuana use. You will need to be more specific when filling out your background packet because they will want to know the month and year you last smoked it.

    The Valium will have to be answered to and might cause you some problems. Some places are specific and want to know if you took another individuals prescription drugs for recreational use and some places just want to know ALL prescription drugs that you took that were not prescribed to you because it is illegal. You will just have to ask the departments you are applying to.

    The minor collisions might cause you some problems if they were recent.

    I dont see anything that would permanently DQ you. If I were you, I would get my associates degree and stay out of trouble for a couple more years. Good luck!


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      Your p0ast drug use is a killer for starters. Any drug use within the past five years is usually grounds for DQ. So you may have to wait. In the mean time, finish your degree, be mindfull of your driving and stay clean. Best of luck to you.
      "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance."

      Thomas Jefferson


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        Should I still be applying in the meantime?


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          You can apply anytime, just don't be disappointed if you're turned down. Who knows, an agency might hire you reguardless.
          "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance."

          Thomas Jefferson


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            Originally posted by WashingtonLE View Post
            2. I was apparently arrested at the age of 16 for assault 3.


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              One illegal use of Vallium would be bad enough, two times is probably going to be a killer. This is especially true, as your last use was within the past year. Most agencies will require a period of five years between your last drug use, and the time you apply. The Juvenile arrest and the citations probably won't be the kiss of death. It is imperative that you fully disclose these situations though. Background Investigators can access all of your records, including juvenile charges.


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                Originally posted by jakflak View Post
                I didnt know that I was arrested until recently when I started filling and gathering information for my BI. Obviously I was informed of this at some point in that investigation however I didnt remember it. As a true civilian I was under the false impression that you had to be pressent to be processed as an arrest. I have since seen the error in that view.

                Thanks for all of the imput guys. It is a little devastating to hear but I'm going to continue to apply and try and finish my two year degree in the next few quarters.

                I'm closer to getting my general two year associates degree than my CJ two year degree. Should I finish up my general two year or use whatever credits I can and finsh my CJ two year though it will take about twice as long.

                Thanks Again All.


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                  Originally posted by WashingtonLE View Post
                  As a true civilian I was under the false impression that you had to be pressent to be processed as an arrest. .
                  That's what confused me about your post; you do have to be physically present to be arrested. You can be charged if you're not present, and you can be arrested, cited and released, but you can't be arrested if you're not physically present.


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                    Sorry... The police officer came to my parents house and recieved my statement. I dont remember being read my Miranda rights but that could be a lapse in my memory. I was present... I was simply under the impression that to be arrested you need to go through the process... i.e. go down to the station. I wasnt much of a flight risk at 16 so I wasnt taken down to the station or incarcerated. Sorry about the confusion.


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                      that sounds like you were charged and released to your parents...as we'd handle some juveniles here. I wouldn't worry too much about the juvie mess (IE-be glad you aren't in NC...you're an "adult" at 16 and that charge would be on your adult record, not your juvie). I'd advise you finish your degree and keep adding to your resume and let some time pass inbetween that drug use.

                      I don't agree with your opinion, but I respect its straightforwardness in terms of wrongness.


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                        That makes more sense. It's a common misconception that you have to be read your Miranda rights at the time of arrest; you don't.


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