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  • LAPD PHS question

    So I applied for the LAPD about 3 months ago and submitted my PHS. It passed and now I have an appointment for my physical test and department interview . I’m holding off on my polygraph until I finish my interview step . The questions is; since then I have a new job . I was a server before at a hotel and got a F&B supervisor position at a different hotel recently. Do I have to update it ? If so, I wouldn’t want them contacting my new job since I just got it ! It would look bad since I’m already thinking of leaving it for a career in law enforcement .

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    Of course you update your PHS

    Of course you tell them.

    AND if you get farther on in the hing process they WILL congact your current boss

    Many agencies will hold off on a current boss, until they are nearly ready for a conditional job offer but they don't have to.
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      Awesome thanks man I’ll update it , and hope they don’t contact my boss unless they are sure I’m getting the call .


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        You can contact Personnel at (213) 473-9060 and advise them that you got a new job. They may tell you to wait until you're assigned a BI to update the PHS, It really makes no difference until your background investigation starts. You are allowed to put an employment hold on your new job until the end of the background. The background unit clerical will send out employment inquiries so your old employer will get a letter, but your new one won't because they're not on the PHS you originally turned in three months ago. Just make sure you advise your BI that you want an employment hold on your current job.
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